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Jiufen tea house 九份茶坊 (Taipei: Jiufen)

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Jiufen tea houseJiufen tea house
For proper Chinese tea appreciation, we came to Jiufen Tea House instead. I absolutely love the gorgeous Chinese antique interior. It fits the mood of Jiufen very well. The tea house was converted from a 100 years old house and they did a beautiful job in renovating. The owner is a painter so the place was adorned with his impressionist oil paintings.  They also have an impressive patio that has a nice view of the ocean, but it was rainy and cold that day so we got a table inside instead.

Jiufen Tea House 11Jiufen Tea House 12
The owner’s wife is a ceramic artist and she makes these cute cats that’s all over the place. The cat on the table was used as a “table number/marker”, you take it to the register to pay the bills.

Jiufen tea house
We got a booth that’s converted from an antique Chinese bed. Each table has steaming iron kettle nestled on a coal stove. That’s how they kept the water for the tea. The coal stove gave a homey vibe and kept us warm.

Jiufen Tea House 9Jiufen Tea House 8
We got a oolong tea that’s very high quality and wonderful. The little Chinese teapot was very nice and well make, when you pour the cap would not fall off. The lady gave a little demonstration on how to brew the tea properly. It was a wonderful experience. We sat there and enjoy the tea for almost 2 hours. We brew the tea for many rounds and still couldn’t use up all the tea leaves. It was nice that they’ll pack the unused tea leaves for you so you can take them home.

There are lots of other tea house at Jiufen but I think this one is the best of all. We had an amazing time at Jiufen and it’s definitely worth a trip to if you’re at Taipei.

Jiufen tea house 九份茶坊
142 Jishan Street,

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5 Responses to “Jiufen tea house 九份茶坊 (Taipei: Jiufen)”

  1. I’ve been wanting to go to a traditional Chinese tea house but no luck finding one in the LA area.

    My friend was all telling me how in China, he went to this tea house situated near a river and mountain with beautiful scenery. Bla bla bla…you can enjoy all this while a pretty girl pours you a cup of nice hot tea.
    I hate him.

  2. Joan says:

    Hi Dave,
    haha yeah, I wish there’re some nice traditional Chinese tea house here that’s not the “Tea station” type.

  3. tomoko says:

    whoa this is definitely THE place for me! I really want a table like that, too!! I’d come home every day and make tea for myself on the coal stove (tea tastes better that way, right?)…would be sooo fun!!

  4. Joan says:

    Tomoko I knew that you would love this place~ I love it verry much! Not sure if tea would taste better from water that’s heated from coal stove, but it’s definitely a more organic and natural way to heat up water!