June 27, 2005 3

La Belle Epogue (Los Feliz)

By in 04: Los Feliz

DSC04392.jpgDSC04394.jpgDSC04389.jpgDrove by this place in Los
Feliz, La Belle Epogue, while hungry like a wolf. The brunch menu seems alright, like a generic French cafe with Southern Californian/Mexican flair. Joan had the Vol Au Vent, puff pastry stuffed with poached eggs with sauce hollandaise and sauteed mushroom. The Quiche was light and tasty, soaked with ham~ Though overall not too ‘wow’ to worth going back particularly we weren’t part of this neighborhood.

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3 Responses to “La Belle Epogue (Los Feliz)”

  1. Alison says:

    i’ll check out your other los feliz entries – next to silverlake you say – i’m looking forward to me wee trip to l.a.

  2. seat says:

    The pastry looks good!
    Oh I will go far for a French restaurant, but not for a cafe. ^^;;;

  3. Freda says:

    yeah, cafe are for people living/working in that neighbood, to be able to walk there with their dogs, sitting there, relax and chatting with local friends, sipping coffee whole day ^^;;; (that’s what everyone in there seems like).