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Monterey Bay Aquarium (Part 3)

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DSC00430.jpgDSC00553s.jpgLast time there was a LOOOOONG impossible ticket queue so this time we reserved tickets. My main purpose is to see their Jelly Fish collection!!!

Jellies are amazing and beautiful~~ Some of the pictures are from a special show called “Jellies: Living Art” where they have special lighting and installation complimenting the design of the Jellies. Love the polka dot Spotted Jellies.

These are Moon Jellies, the same ones I used in my Tynant commercial (school project) ^^;; There must be thousands of them in the wall-size glass tanks that form a long hall way. The hall way is very dark so the jellies were illuminated…very spectacular.

There are some Jellies-theme artworks displayed in the ‘Jellies: Living Art’ show. I saw these works at Carmel’s galleries too.

The Shark show was alight. The polka dot ray is quite cool~ The Hammerhead Shark is awesome! 😀

Left: these snobbish Otters totally ignore us after they were fed…
Right: at first I thought these penguins were fake as they stood so still like puppet models. But occasionally some let slip and wiggled a bit… (btw the San Diago Sea World’s Penguin show is way bigger and better).

Left: Monkeyface Eel
Middle: a coral (?) that looks like a Quill pen

Now here comes the tank of horror….

Left: Sea Cucumber…gosh to think that we always eat it….
Mid: what the hell is THAT!!??
Right: that furry spikey thing is an Octopus…gosh…

I never realize how gross underwater creatures could be (rival catepillar and insects of the land).

Didn’t know that eel is this gross…so unnatural with Yayoi Kusama-ish patterns, and some look so phallic…

Lots of cool stuffs on their website

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6 Responses to “Monterey Bay Aquarium (Part 3)”

  1. seat says:

    Hey I didn’t know you like nature stuff!! When I was raving about my first diving experience you sounded all “cool”!! ^^;;;;;

    The jelly fish are sooooooooooo beautiful!! My god!! The colour was not just the lighting, right?? They are real colour??? I am totally ignorant!!

    And that Quill-looking thing!!! So cute!!!

    The eel are also kinda cute in a revolting sorta way(contradicting…^^;;). The second from the right is kind of creepy…

    You did see a lot of stuff in just a weekend trip!!

  2. Freda says:

    Nah I’m so-so with nature stuffs, I only like Jelly fish! They are beautiful~ (to me diving is something seems dangerous and scary, really amazed you have the courage to try it ^^;;;).

  3. Joan says:

    It’s sad that what I remember most from your first diving experience was that the diving instructor was very cute and was flirting with you? 😛

  4. tomoko says:

    oh no…yayoi kusama patterns?
    aaaaaargh freaky!!

    When I went, I thought the otter show was pretty boring too!
    Lyla was saying they should make clam chowder out of the clams that the otters crack open and sell it! I think that would definitely add more pizzaz to the otter exhibit.

  5. seat says:

    Gaaa!!!! Get lost!!! I didn’t say he was flirting with me!!! ^^;;;; And he wasn’t cute, he was only cool….gagagaga…..I am sure he was only a small part of what I told you about the dive!!(

  6. Joan says:

    hahaha ok ok…
    I also remember you saying that your ears hurt at first when you dive, then you feel a “pop” and it’ not hurting anymore. Also the undersea scenery is beautiful…there…see I do remember other things.