July 11, 2005 2

Clementine (Century city)

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Due to road construction it’s very diffiicult to get to this place. There’s only one easy-to-miss way to get there and if you missed it…it’d take forever to go back! I left turn onto the wrong lane so I miss the only pathway that reach this place. After a lot of effort we finally arrived. Despite the difficulty to get to, the place is PACKED! Clementine is a cute cafe located in an upscale hilly neighbourhood (there’s a cute stationary boutique called “Sugar paper” next store, and tons of beautiful expensive houses). You first queue to order food and they’ll bring it to you. The queue line is long, we waited for at least 10 minutes. Kinda hard to endure when seeing all these yummy pasteries along the side.

Freda got the Saturday only Egg Benedict. It is very delicious…the airy butter egg cream sauce is so light and pillowry. The egg is poached! Anything with proscuitto is yummy.
I got the lunch special which is very worth to get. It has a half sandwich, a cup of corn soup and cookie (there are different ones to choose from), only for $7.95! Everything tasted really good, I know when you look at the picture the food seems normal, but I don’t know why they make them so unique and unforgettable tasting. The sandwich has pate with caramelized onion, there are these dots of pink sauce all over the bread, so the pate won’t feel dry and you get just a bit of the sauce for the extra flavor. Everything is really good here, I want to go back again and again (and be part of that neighborhood just for this place *.*).

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2 Responses to “Clementine (Century city)”

  1. seat says:

    Being in a queue gives you more time to snap pictures, haha~~~The Egg Benedict looks so good!! Pate with caramelized onion sounds heaven too!! Too full for dessert?? The tart/pastry look so tempting though~~~
    Yeah you should definitely find a place with nice cafes/restaurants in the neighbourhood to live in, so that you can walk to a cafe on a Sunday morning for breakfast or something.

  2. Freda says:

    Unlike Japan where cute and nice Euro cafes/restaurant are almost everywhere, LA is not…errr…when a neighborhood has a really nice cafe, usualyl it’s upscale and expensive…^^;;;