July 31, 2005 13

Savoy Kitchen (Alhambra)

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Savoy Kitchen is a long time popular little corner HK cafe in the Chinese-populated Alhambra. They never expand despite the good business. The menu are limited, mostly pasta and curry. It is down-to-earth, presentation-wise are a bit rough. Smoked Duck Pasta, so smokey, so delicious~ Their Hainan Chicken is famous. Very good! The Escargot was unbelievably good too. And the signature HK Chrysanthemum Tea~ Big portion, valued, and surprisingly high quality, awesome!

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13 Responses to “Savoy Kitchen (Alhambra)”

  1. tomoko says:

    all the time I was in LA
    I don’t EVER remember going to a HK
    food restaurnat…..!!
    I feel like I missed out so much!!

  2. Joan says:

    Really?! I never take you to a HK-style cafe when you’re in LA? ^^;;; I guess we always go to Vietnamese ones huh.

    Hey they’re showing “Train man” on channel 18, I caught it last night, it’s episode 2 or 3…haha, the main otaku guy is so authentic! Totally geeky~~ It’s interesting to see all the other people online too, they’re all different types of otakus.

  3. Joan says:

    and yeah, we were so “poor” and busy back in AC days too…don’t have the $$ and time to go look for good restaurant. It was such a pity…

  4. Freda says:

    Most HK cafe in LA were crap, Tomoko you’re not missing much…^^;;; Only this one is good. The one in San Gabriel called “Tasty Choice” used to be alright oo (somehow I think you’ve been there?)

  5. seat says:

    What? The duck pasta and escargot are definitely not typical HKnese, hahaha! Look fantastic!

    Channel 18 is Japanese channel? No subtitles?

  6. Freda says:

    Yeah no subtitles, but it’s so visual I know what’s going on. The ugly actor for the train man in TV drama version seems much more convincing than that ridiculously good looking one in movie. Those BBS people all seems too good nature (in actual BBS most are mean-spirited!) ^^;;;. I wanted to see the 1st episode though, where he spend time at Akihabara doing all those otaku activities…^^;;;

  7. tomoko says:

    my gosh train man is already showing there!?

    oh I know, the movie actor was too good looking! sooo unconvincing!!

    I like the Keroro toys that trainman has!
    (in case you don’t know keroro, its an anime series of a frog–its really funny ^o^)
    I almost want the Keroro puppet myself!

    oh and I do remember tasty choice ^o^!!

  8. Joan says:

    man, we used to survive on “Tasty choice” back in the poor and busy AC days ^^;;; I wish we knew this place back then!

    so is Train man really based on real story? Have they ever show the real train man and the girl in the media before?

  9. tomoko says:

    no, as far as I know, real trainman hasn’t hit mainstream media yet!

    not too sure if its actually a true story….
    but its supposed to be true. 😀

  10. Joan says:

    Hey we’re going to San Francisco for the weekend (with Grace and Veronice ^_^), be back on Sunday night!

  11. tomoko says:

    how was san francisco? ^0^

  12. Joan says:

    It’s so much fun!!! ^0^ We had so many good food, the city is so much better. Report later~~

  13. seat says:

    Welcome back! Can’t wait to see your report~~!