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Kanella (Philadelphia)

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More wonderful meals at the Greek Cypriot Kitchen Kanella! (check out my 1st dinner and brunch there). I didn’t get to order their entree the first time, I can finally try it.


Dip of the Day with Grilled Pita Bread. One is Yam and the other is Garlic with herbs, both are incredibly tasty and full of flavors. I couldn’t stop eating them and filled up my stomach quick.


Arni: Grilled Top Loin of Lamb with Macedonian Giouvetsi 24. Very good, simple but light flavor, though the meat texture was a bit rough.


Whole Fish of the Day. Lightly flavored and nicely cooked.  If you worried about deboning, the server would do it for you.


We couldn’t resist and again got the Galatoboureko (filo pastry filled with semolina custard). We also tried the Hazelnut and Caramel Iced Nougatine. I was expecting a Nougat texture, but turns out it’s soft and melty like ice cream…nonetheless it was very good!

Kanella (215) 922-1773
1001 Spruce Street. Philadelphia, PA 19107

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