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Ti-Couz (San Francisco: Mission)

By in 04: SF+Bay Area

Highly recommended by Adam, claimed to be the best crepe ever. They use buckwheat flour for savory and wheat flour for dessert crepe, all folded in very thin square. The dark colored buckwheat crepe is more crisp and soba-like texture, which I’m not too crazy about. Adam said Mushroom Crepe with Mushroom Sauce is a must, it’s still very good, very fresh. (more sauce would be great). Joan have the Scallop crepe with seafood sauce, it’s stuffed with lots of scallop and the sauce is very delicious too. MY GOD the Dessert crepe is sooooo heavenly!!! *O* It’s a special, it’s got white chocolate, vanilla icecream with chocolate strawberries.

It is the oldest crepe restaurant in SF (and there’re plenty~ including chains. I read that Crepe is very popular in SF). The building is very historical, decorated with photographs of lace hat that ladies in Northwest France wore. The giant urn lamp is awesome~

DSC04943.jpgIt’s located at Mission, the hispanic neighborhood. Very much like Silverlake, this area was invaded by hipsters…but it is still rough and some parts are quite sketchy looking. We took a cab here, when we asked the driver to tell us about this area, he said, “it has lots of drugs!” ^^;; He also repeatedly said “be careful ok?” and wanted us out as fast as we can because he doesn’t want to pick up shady people…o_O;;

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7 Responses to “Ti-Couz (San Francisco: Mission)”

  1. tomoko says:

    so depressing that neighborhoods with beautiful historical buildings are now all dangerous!

    but I guess the crepes are “to die for”, huh
    hahaha ^^;

  2. seat says:

    Wow, the big painting with the ship sinking is cool~~~can see you guys` mirror reflections!

    Oh you don’t like the savoury crepe so much? I actually like the buckwheat one more than the white flour one. But the dessert one you got looks heaven!

    So the area is dangerous not because it is hispanic neighbourhood, but because it is the hangout place of hipsters?

  3. seat says:

    What is that fruit on the dessert crepe? Fig?

  4. vero says:

    hi tomoko! long time no talk for sure 🙂 how are you??? post some picture here hehehe… I am gaining weight since Im in seattle 🙁
    yeah, this ‘ticouz’ place is famous but not as pretentious as “Pink Hotdog” in LA… oh my gosh, I was lining up at 10 pm, drizziling, hoping for some heavenly hotdog at the end of this suffering… it turned out to be … very normal! ughhh… soo dissapointed!!! Hotdog and sausage aren’t that difficult to be delicious!!! It’s good even if you buy it from the street vendor .. so I was really mad!
    Ticouz worth every drug dealers, bums, etc hehehe… really!

  5. Freda says:

    Yeah Mission is dangerous because of the drug dealers and bums~ like just by walking on broad day light on the main big street and there’re already smell of pot in the thick air.

    Oh Seat you prefer the buckwheat? I guess I’m just not use to it yet. Now think of it, the wheat one is probably too creamy and sweet, too contradicting for the salty food.

    ARHG Pink Hotdog…I knew it…it’s LA, anything that’s hyped in Hollywood/LA are usually no good. The line’s always crazy there…sheesh.

  6. Freda says:

    Just yesterday I lunch at the fast food Crepe place nearby my office…gosh I never realize how…errr..”fast food” quality it is…^^;; My crepe appreciation is forever spoiled…

  7. seat says:

    Yeah, I can no longer eat from those crepe stands in Harajuku anymore~~~I used to like it so much!