August 16, 2005 2

Cliff’s Edge (Silver Lake)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park

DSC04597.jpgDSC04602.jpgDSC04604.jpgDSC04607.jpgA month-old entry that I totally forgot to type up! The entrance of this Italian/Mediterranean place is quite interesting, the giant tall heavy wooden door reminds me of a secret garden. Inside it’s a outdoor courtyard with a large tree in the middle. There are trees and plants all over the place so it feels almost like a jungle. I wasn’t so hungry so I got the Stuffed Zucchini, an apetitizer special. It’s very delicious and quite filling as well. My friends got the Ahi-Tuna Steak and some sort of risotto.

DSC04609.jpgDSC04614.jpgWe got two desserts, one is a ginger lemon sorbet which was quite addictive, the ginger flavor is very strong so your mouth gets a bit numb from the ginger spice and the coldness of ice. The Tiramisu is so-so.

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2 Responses to “Cliff’s Edge (Silver Lake)”

  1. tomoko says:

    the ginger sorbet sounds like something I would definitely want to try! 😀

  2. seat says:

    Not so hungry but dessert is a must, haha!!Stuffed Zucchini looks good!!