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Daikokuya (Little Tokyo)

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Daikokuya is a ramen place at Little Tokyo. It is nostalgia-Japan inside, full of collections of vintage signs, posters and billboards.

Daikokukya Ramen $7.50.
DSC00705.jpg I like the soy sauce marinated egg (? not sure how to called them ^^;;), I like how the york is not fully cooked! The soup is supposedly special pork bone soup, and that’s the only kind they have there. I never liked ramen much, but I have to admit this is quite yummy! (but then I never tried those long queue line ones in Japan so I wouldn’t know how good ramen suppose to taste like)

Yakisoba $6.50. Like it!

Some of the nostalgic collections, Kewpies everywhere! ^w^

The last one is a vintage Chinese poster~

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3 Responses to “Daikokuya (Little Tokyo)”

  1. tina says:

    hey, i just went there last week. . . i love the soup base. but it’s really hot in the store and the cheif look like yakuza!!!

  2. seat says:

    So surprised you went for ramen~~~~~Yeah, I tried to convince Joan to try ramen in Japan at least once but we ended up always having French or Italian or ethnic~~~~~I think we didn’t even have traditional Japanese food(sushi, tempura etc) that much!! ^^;;;

    It is so strange that they have ramen and yakisoba in the same menu! Ramen shops in Japan never sell yakisoba(no one will order!).

    The egg is called 味(付け)玉子. I really like that too. Have not been eating ramen for a long time even though I like it a lot because I can’t stand eating ramen in summer, just too hot!!

    Oh there is even a ホッピー sign, haha! You know that alcoholic drink I told you about.

  3. Freda says:

    Really…the boss looks like yakuza!? ^^;; I got the yakisoba for the exact reason: no one will order this~ so let me order ^^;;;