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The Little Frenchie

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There are many good food trucks out there but I’ve never been such a loyal fan to any of them except for The Little Frenchie, an authentic French truck offers delicious french sandwiches and crepes for a very affordable price. They come to the Hollywood area every Thursday near the CNN building and has been the highlight of the week for me. It’s run by three cute and friendly girls, and I love the hand painted truck very much.

Half of the menu are sandwiches but every time I go there I couldn’t help but get crepes. I’ve only tried two of them and I’ve loved them too much to move on to try others. They are:


La Provencale – Ham mushrooms, jarlsberg cheese and asparagus in ratatouille sauce
The ratatouille sauce is amazing!

La Parisienne – Ham, Caramelized onions, spinach and mushrooms in momay sauce

I couldn’t get enough of either of the crepe. Both have  nice thin and soft crepe “shell”, with generous portion of fresh ingredients and amazing sauce. They taste homemade and full of flavors, what more can you ask for? For vegetarians, you can get the crepes without the ham.

The crepe cost $6 each and it came with a side which is a great deal. There’re 4 choices to choose from: Mixed green salad, fruit, pasta salad and chips. I’ve always get the pasta salad because they’re so incredibly delicious too. Light tasting with lots of subtle flavors, it can be a meal by itself.

I also tried their French onion soup and dessert crepe which cost around $3-$4.50, very good price! They also sell fresh baked french pasteires.

If I ever get tired of the crepe I will try their sandwich (I heard the “The Little Frenchie” – roast beef sandwich is really good).  For some reason it’s difficult to find good crepes in LA (for the record, the extremely popular crepe place at Farmer’s Market is overpriced and mediocre at best), so I’m really glad there’s The little Frenchie truck. Seek it out if you haven’t try it!

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4 Responses to “The Little Frenchie”

  1. Marie says:

    Hmm, somehow I’ve never heard of The Little Frenchie! Really want to try them. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Joan says:

    Hey Marie,
    Yes go try The Little Frenchie, they’re so good! Let me know how the sandwiches are like if you try them.

  3. They’re in Studio City today so I intend to try them, but Four Leaf Tea Room is AWE-INSPIRING wrt Japanese-style French crepes. And their tea OWNS. They’re on 2nd St. in Little Tokyo.

  4. joanh says:

    yum!! it is hard to find good crepes in LA and this looks so good!! do they have dessert crepes too?