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Chego (Palms)

By in 13: Culver City

The chef who started the food truck crazed in LA, Roy Choi of Kogi has opened his first restaurant some time ago called Chego. It is a rice bowl joint. Their menu features various BBQ meat served in inexpensive rice bowl, and fun starters that’s inspired by Korean and American cultures. The interior is decorated with vintage toys…it’s fun, hip and casual.


Ooey Gooey Fries fries: sour cream sambal, melting monterey jack and cheddar cheese, cotija, chillies, cilantro, pickled garlic. Wow this is loaded with goodness, though it’s a little too rich tasting for me (especially after a few bites). I especially love the pickled garlic. It’s way better than chili fries for sure.


Chubby Pork Belly: kochujang-lacquered kurobuta, w/fried egg, pickled watermelon radishes, water spinach, cilantro, cotija, peanuts. It looks and sounds mouth watering, doesn’t it?  The kurobuta (Black hog) pork was very juicy, flavorful and tender…very impressive. Though it can get salty after some built up, as the sauce can get  a little overwhelming. I still enjoy it a lot, wouldn’t it wonderful if all rice bowl can be this thoughtful and well made?


Tiny’s Prime Rib Rice Plate chili-rubbed, w/fried egg, water spinach, creamed horseradish, roasted garlic serrano paste, shallots. It’s as good as it sounds.

In general the flavor is bold in the salty and spicy side. This place  has the premise of  fast food rice bowl (Yoshinoya), except the food are prepared carefully with attention to details, and used only good quality ingredients. The grilled meat are all unquestionably great. I’m a little bummed that they don’t open for lunch, it’s the perfect fast food. At least they open late, so it’s great for those of us who always have to work late. I can’t wait to come back and try their other interesting starters.

3300 Overland Ave.  Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 287-0337  Tue-Sat, 5:30PM-11:30PM

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2 Responses to “Chego (Palms)”

  1. I’ve got to try this out. After all it is from the guy that started the food truck craze & it’s close to my friend’s house. No excuses for me!

  2. joanh says:

    this has been on my to-do list for my past few visits, but haven’t managed to make it there… thanks for the post!