November 4, 2005 5

Vero Cooks!

By in Food: Kitchen

DSC06477.jpgSunday night Veronica invited us to her home and she cooked for us! 😀 She’s already a successful housewife hehe. Even though there seems to be the same ingredients in all dishes but everything tasted great! She even had a pretty cozy dinner table set up in the backyard by the pool with candle lights. BTW I just notice how nice her kitchen is. The countertop is dark grey and I love the dark brown wall!

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5 Responses to “Vero Cooks!”

  1. seat says:

    It is a mushroom course! Everything looks so yummy, wow!! Especially the pasta! I love the nut(dunno the English name) used in the pasta!

  2. tomoko says:

    wow Veronica can cook….!!!!!
    Looks so impressive!
    She must be successful housewife indeed,
    her husband’s gotta be happy!^-^

  3. Freda says:

    Pine nuts!

  4. Joan says:

    I’m going to back up for Juliana as Vero’s bridesmaid at the wedding becaues she got visa problem to come back to the US. So I gotta find a red dress now, which is very difficult for some reason ^^;;;

  5. vero says:

    oh boy.. i didnt see this haha… didnt realize you guys would be posting it…
    well well.. it is indeed mushroom and nuts thematically… i used different nuts though… pine nuts for the pasta.. and walnut for the pizza…
    i love nuts.. im nuts!
    me? housewife? hmmm… so is martha stewart! haha..

    oh yah my kitchen wall is the same color as this website’s sidepanels hehe…

    red dress IS hard.. ive never thought so…