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Ruen Pair (Thai Town)

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DSC00786.jpg The Cashier looks more like a shrine! Thai Town is at Hollywood so we always go there for lunch during workdays. There’re many really good and Thai restaurants there. But we always go to Ruen Pair. It is right across the famous restaurant Palm, where Thai Elvis dwelled (^^; a Thai singer perform there at night who dresses up like Elvis and sings Elvis’s song, sound like the real thing!). Since we tried Ruen Pair and were stunned by its good taste…we never went back to Palm ever again.

The entire place is packed with photographs and portraits of the King of Thailand Bhumibol, from his childhood to old age (?).

Duck Stew Noodle $5.00 which is like the yummiest thing EVER! I got two other IF co-workers hook on this. The soup base is just…gosh so yummy!

Pad Woon Sen $5.50 Yummy!


Shrimp Cake $6.75

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2 Responses to “Ruen Pair (Thai Town)”

  1. seat says:

    Duck noodle??? Never tried in a Thai restaurant before, looks really good~~~
    Somehow I always order green curry – one thing that I never get tired of.

  2. Freda says:

    My friend Stan is also a religious follower of green curry, it’s always green curry for him (don’t bother to look at menu). But we teased him too much so he got the Duck Stew noodle that day we took these pix (but he got green curry to-go anyway…duh~~)