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I-Cream (Chicago)

By in 13: Chicago

A friend told us about the liquid nitrogen mixed ice cream shop I-Cream at Wicker Park. We were defeated by the mid west heat wave and were literally crawling our tired, dehydrated bodies across Wicker Park to get here.

I Cream

What greet us at the door are the mixing machines with liquid nitrogen smoke coming out from them. I felt like I’m in a groovy space age science lab. Their menu is very customization “make your own flavors’ place where they have an extensive list of ingredients.

I CreamI Cream

I mixed Ginger, Tea and Pistachio. The result is very good! Very evenly blended and mixed, the flavors are subtle but interesting. I don’t think the idea is gimmicky nor the tasting is chemical. You can create your ice cream to make it into flavors like Blueberry cheesecake, etc. I’m surprised this idea hasn’t hit LA yet (as we’re full sorbet and ice cream shops), San Francisco got a liquid nitrogen ice cream train cart pop up recently at Hayes Valley.

1537 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

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