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Chez Maman (San Francisco: Potrero Hills)

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One of my most favorite places in SF was at Potrero Hills, an area that’s deemed too far away (in SF standard) and access can be inconvenient without a car. But up there is a charming little neighborhood where a tiny French bistro called Chez Maman is located. My foodie friend Ludo (giving credit where it’s due!) first brought me here.

There’s only a dozen counter seats and some patio seatings, so a line is expected. The counter seats faces the open kitchen, so you’ll get the greasy glory of it all.

Chez maman

They have wine and beers on tap. Their menu features classic French bistro food (escargot, endives, croque madam, etc.), and their take on the American staple: burgers.

Chez maman

Beef tartare & dijon mustard, capers, shallots, quail egg, toast points. So delicious! The flavors are mixed so well together

Chez maman
Chez maman

The Chez Maman Burger. I was skeptical about ordering a burger at a French bistro, but one bite into it and I’m won over completely. I got it with brie so it’s soft and melty, and the perfectly grilled patty is seasoned with lots of flavors and it’s moist and juicy. The bread is soft but solid – it holds the content really well and won’t get soggy.

Chez maman
Delicious Chestnut cream crepe for dessert!

I’d come here weekly if it’s easier to get to, but it also makes it a hidden destination gem that you make an effort to go. I came back here a few times but I can’t help myself ordering the burger again (because it’s something I can’t have elsewhere). Someday I’ll come back here to try their other stuff. There’s a fancier French restaurant around the corner called Chez Papa Bistrot, I assumed it’s from the same people.

Chez Maman
1453 18th St., San Francisco, CA 94107

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