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Villa Las Palmeras @ Puerto Vallarta (Part 1)

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Report on our amazing ccommodation first, activities later…
DSC06947.jpgMy company is part of this global production operation and we held our x’mas party at the Mexico’s beach resort Puerto Vallarta for 4 days. Quite amazing how they paid and arranged for 30+ of us from LA, NY, Toronto, Brazil, Seattle to meet at Villa Las Palmeras, the 5 floor mansion on the hill where we’d all be staying. Jaw dropping…is everyone’s reaction at arrival… (and Margaritas waiting to greet us!)

There’re two parts of Puerto Vallarta: the new part where the cruise and tall las vegasy hotels are; and the romantic, historic Old town against the hill where roads are made with cobblestone.

The dinning communal table and the sofas would be basically our group’s gathering place. The lounging floor is completely wall-less (the weather is consistent and warm thruout the year I assume?), with a spectacular view of the old town and ocean~ (can see fireworks at night too!) It is just too wonderful! In every little corner there’re cute artifacts and folk arts decorating the place. It’s these details that set the living different from your generic hotel.

And of course it won’t be complete without a pool. I wish there’s also a jacuzzi. There’s a parrot by the pool, it work me up every single morning! XO

The roof top~~~ One of our co-worker is also a very nice singer. He played guitar and sang one night for everyone, under the stars…it’s magical~~

This is one of the bedrooms shared by bunch of guys. It also has no wall nor window! However there’re nets for each bed, people commented they felt like a princess…haha~ All of the rooms don’t have a bathroom, they only have toilet stall inside with only dividers and a curtain door. Gosh isn’t that kinda…weird and nasty?

I was one of the lucky ones who got assigned to the biggest suite room (has kitchen, dinning area, baby crib) and get to have a queen bed all to myself! 😀

When we get off from the plane, I was disappointed by how much the city surrounded the airport resembles Southern California (as if I never left the country at all). But going through to the historic old town and beach area to our Villa just totally redeem my first impression.

With accommodation like this of course it’d be a 24 hour party house. We got many complaints from neighbors. One night at 1am people went crazy throwing everyone into the pool (I’m also a victim), there were so much screaming that the police came by…^^;;;; I think this whole experience will be very different if we were to stay in regular hotels. In the villa you felt like a family and get to know everyone, which is exactly what our boss intended.

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4 Responses to “Villa Las Palmeras @ Puerto Vallarta (Part 1)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh wow, so nice!!!! *o*!!!
    The villa is so resort feel, but at the same time very homely.
    There was 30+ of you?!!! Such a big group!!
    How come there are dormitory beds(nice and cute though) and yet you get to sleep in such a nice queen size bed all by yourself?! Lucky you!
    You mean the bathroom is inside the room separated only by curtain door? It is okay if you are alone but yeah a bit nasty if you share the room!! ^^;;
    The roof top view is so nice~~~
    Must be so fun partying all day and night~~~

  2. Freda says:

    exactly so nasty…the guys said there’re lots of “accidents” when the wind blow wide open the curtain while one is using bathroom…must be embarassing as hell. And what about the the smell O,o;;;; I think a lot of the people ended up sleeping on sofa in rooftop and other places ^^;;. That’s why my suite is the best one because it has a real and big bathroom inside.

  3. seat says:

    Yeah the smell….^^;;;
    But what?? Isn’t it cold to sleep outside at night?!

  4. Freda says:

    It’s not too cold at all at night, you could really sleep under the stars!