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Old Town Puerto Vallarta (Part 6)

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A group of us went down to explore the tourists’ city:
Love the hand painted road sign. The landmark church rang the bell hourly (?) and there’re tons of religious shops around (as it’s Catholic-based, I barely see merchandise of Jesus yet there’re tons of Pope).
Coconut tart (yum!) and this crazy guava/pineapple (?) pop!

So everyday we have to walk down the steep narrow hill path to go down to the old town and beach. It was a rocky and tiring climb, and dangerus with the car driving up usually in high speed. The entire city is based on tourism.
When we walked inside this indoor mall, there’s this store clerk who keep stalking us (one guy in particular). He claims he has this smoking pipe for him, which is a figurine of a naked woman bending down (so you smoke from her ‘behind’ ^^;;). After much bargain, our guy gave up and the clerk keep following us around trying to persuade. The way they do business…-__-;;; The the clerk pull the guy on the side and offer him some weed to buy…but he said they were bad. It was then the clerk pissed off at the ‘hard to please American.’

DSC07057.jpgTourisy monument

The cars don’t stop for pedestrian and hardly signals ^^;; And the air was pretty bad. But I LOVE it~~ despite after few blocks all shops seem to sell the same folk arts and jewelries. ^^;;;

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2 Responses to “Old Town Puerto Vallarta (Part 6)”

  1. seat says:

    The air is bad?? Inside the town??
    First time I see real fruits in lollipop!
    That 3 floors restaurant, wow! And all the tables on the veranda!! Would be nice to eat there – probably have nice sea views?

    I think when you go to resorts/touristy places, you can’t really think too practically. If everyone is too smart to be cheated into buying fake cultural things, the locals would have a hard time making a living. Must “think open”…but then I am the type who never buys souvenirs….^^;;;

  2. Freda says:

    Yeah the car emissions are sooo bad (it reminds me of when I was little in HK). Most cars/buses/trucks are so old, you can see all these dark smoke coming out of them and the smells just fill the air! Of course the air gets fresher toward the beach. But then when you look out to the ocean, you see this THICK and DENSE layer of smog at the horizon line…sheesh.

    Yeah I ended up didn’t mind just get “won bun” by the locals, that’s what they’re making a living..^^;;;

    That 3 stories restaurant is so pretty at night too~~ I would have tried it if weren’t for the free dinner back at house every night ^^;; I didn’t use my credit card once the entire trip, I only went to ATM to get $50…and that’s it. Spend little but get A LOT!