December 9, 2005 2

Island Eat @ Puerto Vallarta (Part 11)

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Continue with the boat ride. Our hungry gang charged desperately to the next destination, which is a beach island with only a restaurant! It was rather late so there’s only us. I love this so much, it’s like traveling to isolated beach just to eat.
Seafood plate (the lobster are best!) and Shrimp plate (the coconut one is best!)

I dunno what the dish is called, it’s very very yummy!
Full~ Sleepy~~

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2 Responses to “Island Eat @ Puerto Vallarta (Part 11)”

  1. seat says:

    I bet you would rather had the seafood raw than fried~. But anything would taste wonderful in a beach paradise like that~~. So funny you guys all fell asleep! ^^;;;

  2. Freda says:

    I know…the seafood must be very fresh, what a waste to fry! Especially fish, I don’t get the point of ‘fried fish” ^^:; (cooked fish will be dry, + flaky crumbs?)