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A.O.C. Winebar (3rd St.)

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We threw a bachelorette party for Vero 2 days before her wedding last week! First step of the party is dinner at the famous AOC. I went there before and the food was fabulous. I’ve been craving it since last time so I got theroasted dates, parmesan and bacon again, it’s a perfect little dish to go with wine. Total seven people are sharing these dishes.

The Brioche with prosciutto, gruyère and egg, kind of breakfast-sy but it’s really good, the toast ‘melt’ in your mouth. It’s one of my most favorites of the night. The bread comes with these very yummy spicy paste and olives.

Prosciutto di Parma, plain but they just melt in your mouth! Grilled quail, Foie gras and Porcini sauce, another favorites of the night (though I didn’t eat foie gras, who ate it!?). I wish we got more meat dishes like these!

Arroz Negro with Squid and Saffron Aïoli, reminds me of squid Paella. My 2nd favorite of the night. The Long-cooked Cavolo Nero is probably my least favorite, taste like Chinese dried “mui choi” ^^;;

Duck Fat Potatoes and Apples
, Sweet Potatoes with Bacon and Romesco, both good but a little greasy and heavy, must wash down with lots of wine! The potatoes are better~

Brussel Sprouts with Balsamic and Pancetta, I never had brussel sprout before so it’s fresh tasting to me. Wild Mushrooms Persillade, very very good! Crunchy!

We had a wonderful night. After A.O.C. we went to the Conga room for salsa dancing, which Vero loves. Now I want to learn salsa too after seeing how fun it is. The place has a live band playing salsa music so the atomsphere is great. After dancing we head to a suite room over at a Santa Monica beach side hotel where we stayed for the night for more (traumatizing, unspeakable) craziness! *blush* ~^O^~ It’s definitely a night I will remember~~

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8 Responses to “A.O.C. Winebar (3rd St.)”

  1. tomoko says:

    I thought vero was married already?
    I guess they were just living together huh.

    oh so was it traumatizing due to a night of playing truth or dare or something? 😀

  2. Joan says:

    oh yeah they were married (document wise) already. They’re doing the ceremony and banquet due to families’ request!

  3. seat says:

    Have been having problems connecting to the internet from home for 3 days…I hope it gets fixed soon.

    I wonder what A.O.C. means? There are restaurants in Tokyo with the same name. The food looks amazing, especially the quail and duck!

    How nice of you gals to really properly plan the bachelorette party! If I ever had one, I would want 3 dinners + wine bar…wink wink. ^^;;

  4. tomoko says:

    hey seat is that 3 dinners in one night? ^0^

  5. Joan says:

    oh it means Appellation d

  6. seat says:

    Yeah 3 dinners in one night! ^^;;

    Huh? They use the name of a wine rating system for a restaurant name?! That is not so cool…

  7. Joan says:

    French, Japanese, Italian?
    And dessert in between.

  8. seat says:

    Japanese -> French -> Spicy cuisine like Thai or Korean. ^^;;