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Foreign Cinema (San Francisco: Mission)

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Foreign cinemaForeign cinema
Foreign Cinema is a fun place to be at the Mission district. The entrance is very unassuming. After you enter a long hallway you’ll reach a beautiful open space that’s converted from an old movie theatre.  I love the ceiling windows that bring in sunlight into the interior. There’s an outdoor courtyard area where they’ll screen foreign films on the wall at night.

It’s too bad we only had time for brunch there.

Foreign cinema
Bloody Mary

Foreign cinema
Foreign Cinema’s Fruit “Pop Tart”

Foreign cinema
Omelet with crispy Yukon Gold potatoes

Foreign cinema
Foreign cinema

All the brunch dishes were excellent! Refine cooking, fresh ingredients and great flavors. I’d definitely like to go back for their dinner + film experience.

Foreign Cinema
2534 Mission St (between 21st St & 22nd St)
San Francisco, CA 94110

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