December 30, 2005 4

Cafe 2 @ MoMA (NYC: Midtown)

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While Freda went to work, I spent my time at MoMA, especially since it’s raining outside. I went to the “very gourmet” cafe on 2nd floor Freda raved about last time. Wow it is very very good indeed. Forgot the fancy name of this dish but it’s Baked Egg with Prosuitto, so delicious! And the Chocolate Chesnut Tart is so incredibly good! >O< Why can’t this cafe be available on its own? It’s almost worth to pay $12 (with student discount :P) for the museum entrance to just eat there!

DSC08207.jpg Due to the new year time square thing, the whole Midtown area is totally jam pack with crazy crowd. I had to queue in the rain on the street for an hour or so to get in to buy ticket! >_< Lost of screaming kids too due to the Pixar show, in which there’s a very amazing zoetrope installation that was inspired by (aka copied from) a Totoro installation from a Studio Ghibli exhibition in Japan. There were way too many people in the museum overall, made it hard to see and appreciate the arts.

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4 Responses to “Cafe 2 @ MoMA (NYC: Midtown)”

  1. tomoko says:

    the zoetrope seems pretty amazing from internet sites, did you get to see it yourself? ^^

  2. seat says:

    Hey gals!!!
    I am sorry to have disappeared for so long!! I’m still in HK. I brought my notebook back but the internet connection was not working and that internet service company was a fxxking shit shit shit nightmare to deal with – I got so mad with them that I shouted on the phone like I have never shouted before!! Gah!!! And I was going out everyday so I couldn’t go to internet cafes, hence completely missed saying Merry X’mas to you gals!!
    I read back all your entries, F&J, you gals are in New York now?!!!! Wow!!!!!!
    It must be freezing there – it is like so warm here, 21C!
    Joan, you must feel lonely travelling and eating alone when Freda is at work? I wish I could go with you!! But being alone makes you observe your environment more. What do you think of NY? The people, the pace, the food…
    I will stay for 10 more days and fly back to Japan. I actually have nothing much to do here but somehow I am always so busy…basically going out to eat and eat and eat…

    P.S. Joan, sorry to ask it here, how much US$$ did you send to ah-bing’s dad?? He forgot the amount and I haven’t got your old emails here. I will get it in HK$ so maybe I will buy a ipod…it is only like US$250 for 60GB!

  3. Freda says:

    Welcome back Seat! Isn’t that’s how vacation (at a metropolitan place) is? ^^;; It’d always be about shop shop shop, eat eat eat…^^;; Yesterday NY was so warm so it took us off guard (Joan has been complaining how she overdressed, so hot blah blah) so today we underdress and goshhh it’s suddenly freezzzing! It’s like 7C and below the entire day, and very windy! Tomorrow will be worst…we could have venture farther but the bitter coldness just prevent us walking too far. We had to stop by every cafe and shops to warm up…

    I forgot the amount of the check (Joan doesn’t have her work email nor checkbook access right now). I can only be sure when Joan go back…which is on Jan 3rd, is that too late? I vaguely remember it’s something like US $150-200?

  4. seat says:

    Oh no problem, just tell me after Joan goes back to LA. I will be in HK til the 10th anyway.