December 30, 2005 3

Smörgås Chef (NYC: West Village)

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There are endless amount of cute cafes and bistro in Greenwich Village that it’s hard to chose one. We found this cute Scandinavian place.
The blue bottles wall!!!!
The sandwiches are all open-faced kind. Foie Gras Mousse & Apples with Gooseberry Preserve, the bread a bit burnt but still nice. The potato salad side is very good.
DSC08296.jpgAnd of of course their specialized Swedish Meatballs with lingonberry preserve is delicious. The blue bottle theme just runs all over of the interior decor. After a rather disappointing day for Joan at Midtown (unmovable with holiday crowd in a tourisy commercial area), I brought her to the old Europe-vibe Greenwich Village filled with cafes and cute boutiques, which totally redeem her impression of NYC.

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3 Responses to “Smörgås Chef (NYC: West Village)”

  1. seat says:

    I love the fork and spoon lamp!!!
    The sandwiches look fantastic!
    Is Greenwich Village far from the central? More local and less touristy?
    You really need a guide to know a city. Do you get recommendations from your co-workers living there?

  2. tomoko says:

    hey I like the photo of you joan!
    you should make it into a postcard^^

  3. Freda says:

    Greenwich is more toward lower Manhattan…it used to be an artist bohemian place, near the NY University. Last time I was in NY I got lost while walking from SoHo trying to look for Greenwich Village. So I dashed into the first bookstore I saw and bought a Michelin guide haha. This time we’re much more prepared! One of the recent Japanese magazine I got has a NY guide and it has good non-obvious recommendation.