December 31, 2005 1

Le Gigot (NYC: West Village)

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There were so many interseting non-scene/pretensious restaurants and cafes at the Greenwich area that we had hard time to choose one for dinner ^^;; We settle for this little French bistro that’s “hidden” in a small alley. The inside feel very Parisian. Since the place is called Le Gigot (lamb) so naturally we tried the Roasted Lamb. A little disappointed though, the meat is not as tender and didn’t like the bean side. The Seafood broth which comes with the bread and cheese is good. The broth is delicious, though I’ve had better.

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One Response to “Le Gigot (NYC: West Village)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh no, it is your NY’s eve dinner?
    I had char-siu and chicken rice on NY’s eve, which was quite good, though I ate alone in a Cantonese BBQ place near home.