January 7, 2006 6

Cafe Gitane (NYC: Nolita)

By in 03: NYC

This popular and always crowded place downstairs Cafe Gitane is said be in the neighborhood forever. I had to sit on the bar table hence very uncomfortable (I should have just get to-go and eat back up at the apt.). Baked pasta, roasted tomato, gorgonzola and Breadcrumbs, gosh very fattening but very good! Hot Chocolate, I photographed it upside down, there’re choco powder dog foot print on top correspond with the chocolate packaging, so cute! Taste light and airy~

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6 Responses to “Cafe Gitane (NYC: Nolita)”

  1. tomoko says:

    AAAAAhh!! the dog footprint’s so cute!!!

  2. Joan says:

    What’s that chocolate package? the Hot choco comes with 2 slice of chocolate too?

  3. Freda says:

    yeah 2 pcs of chocolate came with it…choco overdose!

  4. seat says:

    Cute footprints!! Is the bar table next to the window?? Strange colour. ^^;;

  5. Freda says:

    It’s extremely dark and I didn’t take pix with flash, hence the forced ‘brightness”…^^;;

  6. RP says:

    Way cute! I hope more cafes do cute coffees like that!