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Cafe Sabarsky (NYC: Uptown East)

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If I thought MoMA’s cafe was awesome, the museum cafe at Neue Gallerie totally blows me away! Of course it is more $$$. Even so there’s already a long queue outside the beautiful early 20th century bentwood room (with Adolf Loos & Otto Wagner’s designs). So I dined at the less pretty underground cafe but with the same menu that’s all Austrian/Germany flair (the gallery is Austrian/Germany centric).
Chestnut soup “Vienneses Melange” $10 *O* , there’s a plum (?) inside, in heaven~ Viennese Sausage Salad with bell pepper in apple pear vinaigrette sauce $12 So delicious *Q*
Miscalculated, soup+salad still made me totally bloated that I didn’t have room left for desserts! T__T They have a long list of nice Austrian sweets…

The entire museum are for the Austrian painter Egon Schiele show. Love the decadence, love the expressive, beautiful but gritty realism.

Other than MoMA and Neue Gallerie museum cafes’, all the other major ones have very bad to bland food: Metropolitan Museum of Art (caught the Van Gogh drawings), Whitney Museum (only the Ed Ruscha show is worthy right now), and Guggenheim (good pieces are all here and there, and the great Frank Lloyd Wright designed building was under renovation and all covered up!).

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9 Responses to “Cafe Sabarsky (NYC: Uptown East)”

  1. donny says:

    i’m thinking of going to the MoMa either this friday or next friday to catch the Pixar exhibition

  2. tomoko says:

    wow I’d love to try the chesnut soup!
    I love schiele too! ^0^

  3. seat says:

    Melange in soup!! It is almost pure sugar or??
    Gosh you had a soup and a salad and were already full…but you had Vienna coffee!! ^^;;
    I love the last painting…kinda sexual? ^^;;

  4. seat says:

    Oh my god…look at these pictures of T.M.Revolution…here and also here. ^^;;;

  5. Freda says:

    O___o;;;; so photoshopped and careful camera angle that didn’t show his big head proportion. His singing sounds like overdramatic drag queen anyway, fitting image…

  6. Joan says:

    he looks better as a woman! His facial feature and body are so girly anyways, very authentic! ^^;; But his body is too skinny and no curve, ha…

  7. seat says:

    But what will guy fans think of that?!! ^^;;; Wearing showy drag queen costumes is one thing, wearing a bra is a totally different matter…but anyway, I think he is pretty…^^;;; He looks like Gackt on the second link!

  8. Freda says:

    Fans who’d like him usually are into girly looking bishounen, this gender bending look will be perfect for their taste ^^;;;

  9. tomoko says:

    oh there was a tm revolution hello kitty! ^^
    I’d never seen hello kitty in a bondage suite so was pretty intrigued! (would never fly in the US)^^;;