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Paradou (NYC: Meat Market)

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I went to a friend’s friend’s art show opening at Chelsea (the art galleries area). Afterward we were looking for restaurants in the Meat Market district (despite its name from its meatpacking industry past, it is now very posh and yuppie) and most of the restaurants are fancy pansy that needs reservation. My friend’s BF remembered this more casual Provençal French restaurant he went before Paradou. It looks nice and price fair.
2 cheapest wine in the house ($32 each) ^^;;;
They have a ‘cheese program’, we chose the 2 cheese set $15, and chose a soft one from Sheep called Fleur du Maquis, it is a bit too light. Also the really good semi-hard one from cow called Regal de Bourgegris. It came with mango and jam! *q*
I got Soup of Yam and Seared Foie Gras, Spiced Zinfandel Poached Pear ($18), DELICIOUS~ Though the foie gras is hidden behind the flower ^^:; It is salted and spiced on the surface, very yum.
Fish of the day and Rack of Lamb Provençal for my friends. I tried the lamb OH MY GOD it is so heavenly~ Best I’ve ever had…incredibly tender and unique flavor, I want to go back and order this! *O*
Rosemary Crème Brûlée , so flowery 😀 They gave us jars of their homemade jam (the one from the cheese plate), so wonderful~ This is the best French I’ve had in NYC so far.

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3 Responses to “Paradou (NYC: Meat Market)”

  1. tomoko says:

    they just gave you jam for free?
    how nice!
    the food all looks gorgeous, too!

  2. seat says:

    Lamb rack is usually very tender – a must order for me! But the foie gras and the fish are very tempting too! I admire your self-control though, especially when your friends are ordering main dishes and you just have soup and appetizer…

  3. Freda says:

    yeah free jam! So nice~ :DDD
    because I already had lamb in every French place I went so I thought I’d take a break, turns out I missed the best one yet! XOOOO