January 17, 2006 6

Negrill Chelsea (NYC: Chelsea)

By in 03: NYC

DSC08667.jpgWhen it’s not too busy at work we tried to explore around for a good longer lunch (instead of deli food all the time). Menupages.com is a great resource and I found this Jamaican restaurant Negril. I had the Ackee & Saltfish, Jamaica’s favorite exotic fruit (and national dish) cook-up with saltfish. Ackee is the mango-like exotic fruit, can’t really tell how it’s really like as it’s cooked. Very tasty and flavored but gets too salty by the end of the meal. My co-worker has the Oxtrail & Lima Bean Stew, very good. This place has lots of tropical drinks and cocktails too (but didn’t try, don’t want to get too laid back on a work lunch).

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6 Responses to “Negrill Chelsea (NYC: Chelsea)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh I want to try Ackee & Saltfish, so exotic~!
    btw, will you try Dean & Deluca?? Check out this page, maybe they have nice sandwiches~~. Not sure about the location though.

  2. tomoko says:

    do you guys have fixed lunch times, or is it pretty much up to the individual?
    my last workplace only gave 45min. lunchbreak, so it was too short to go out 🙁

  3. Freda says:

    no fixed lunch time, but since there’re always meeting at 2 so can’t go too long. Plus, after some investigation, there isn’t anything around my office at all, have to go at least 10 blocks and beyond to get some decent restaurants…that’s just too much walking (taking subway will be roughly same time).

    Seat, one night I’d sure go to Dean & Deluca~ there’s one on my way home from office. The one shown in picture in this site I think is the market one at Soho, no seating inside. Seems like this person lives uptown (more for tourists, Broadway theater goers and older rich people), $$$ there! I live downtown. Oh before I leave NY, I gotta eat something more ‘NY’, like bagel or steak…(I already planmed to go to this very famous bagel place at East Village…^^;;)

  4. seat says:

    Yeah! I actually know the owner of that site and she is a true bread freak. ^^;; She went to a lot of good bagel places in NY, good as a reference!

  5. Freda says:

    Now I suddenly crave bagel, can’t wait to try that place. My friend recommend me trying Indian and Jewish food in NY where there’s also and mostly good. Whenever I want to try “NY” restaurant, it’s always either too yuppies or diner american food so I tend to go ethnic (hence end up mostly japanese ^^;;).

  6. seat says:

    Jewish food would be exciting! And since you don’t get the good quality Japanese food in LA, you might as well eat more in NY. ^^;;;