October 2, 2004 Off

Joymart (Little Tokyo)

By in 06: Downtown LA

DSC00924.jpgDSC00926.jpg Drop by Joymart for dinner on Friday night after OT at work till Eight-after. Raw Tuna Salad with Ponzu sauce $8 and Bibimbap $8. And guess who we saw drinking beer alone there? Matt!!!! Yes that Matt from our fellow Artcenter term. It’s weird to see him alone without Lucas, the once inseperate-duo of our class. They lived at the Artist District thus always hang out at Little Tokyo. I got update about him from Lucas (yes they’re still living together) few months ago, and Matt told us he is still working at Sony (interactive department, he worked on the Spiderman 2 website). They treat him really well there, great $ and relax job. He still has the same moppy curly hair but it got a bit longer, messier (and greasier, seems like someone hasn’t wash his hair for days~~)

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