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Mandoo (NYC: Midtown)

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There’s a Koreatown near Madison Square (the scale is no way near the epic size of the LA one), about 7 blocks from my office. It is rather neat block with lots of nice polish and slick Korean restaurant. There’s this very good dumpling house with a front window view of the kitchen. The green = veggie, white = pork and pink = seafood. All VERY VERY good! Very satisfied. 😀 My friend told me that awhile ago some copy cat open a dumpling house on the same block with the same open front window kitchen…but the quality is so bad that it closed down very soon. A bit walking for lunch hour but this sure beats the deli fodo I’m so sick of.

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5 Responses to “Mandoo (NYC: Midtown)”

  1. seat says:

    You know how most korean restaurants don’t have dumplings in their menu, so I was surprised to see a lot of shops specialised in dumplings when I went to Korea.
    The pink ones are seafood? Thought they were kimchi!

  2. Joan says:

    From pictures the skin seems thick, but it’s still very good right?
    You can order them fried or steamed?

  3. donny says:

    you didn’t try the kim chi mandoo? yes the skin looks thick but very good…juicy. good jap chae also

  4. Freda says:

    yup thick skin but soo good! There seems to be many ‘specialized” korean restaurant in korea town here. There’s a soup-only place (oxtail soup only…I heard?)

  5. donny says:

    hahaa really? i’m not very familiar with ktown besides mandoo bar, few regular rsts and crazy drunk karaoke