January 23, 2006 2

Clinton St. Baking Company (NYC: LES)

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I’m at the final stage of the project and it’s hellish busy. I’ve been staying late every night and suffered bad delivery food for the entire week (plus weekends). Miraclously Saturday night was an early night and I got recommendation of this cafe Clinton St. Baking Company from Donny.
Very good scones and Apple Parsnip Puree soup, buttery with a touch a sour fruity flavor, so nice.
DSC08792.jpgCod with Risotto, very delicious, the fish just melt in your mouth with light lasting golden butter aftertaste. It was 9:00pm when I arrived and the place is just overcrowded. They can fit me right away since I’m by myself. This place is best known for breakfast and their pancakes. I heard from my friend that people lined up every morning. They must be so famous that there’s pancakes on their dinner menu. Too bad I don’t have much time left in NY and won’t be able to try. 🙁 I love the Lower East Side (Psyop got the golden location).

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2 Responses to “Clinton St. Baking Company (NYC: LES)”

  1. seat says:

    I LOVE risotto or pasta that has a big piece of fish or meat on top!! ^^;;;;

    So you liked the scones? The best so far maybe?

  2. donny says:

    ah…i’m glad u liked it. too bad i wasn’t able to join u that night. u gotta come back soon!! there’s still so much to eat and explore!!