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Veselka (NYC: East Village)

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DSC08798.jpgWith lunch and dinner all stuck in office, the only chance to eat out is…breakfast. Sacrifice a little sleep, get up early. 😀 Eating breakfast at neighborhood cafe with friends is what I considered a good life. This Ukranian 24 hour diner Veselka is a popular spot at East Village. I met up with my coworker and her friends for breakfast.
Pierogi: handmade Ukranian dumplings. I chose them fried, with 2 kinds of stuffings (chose from 7): potatoe and Sauerkraut + mushroom. The later one is better, so yum. Very oily though. Later I realized I could have chosen all 7 stuffings, one of each. Ah dummy… The sauce is Apple sauce and sour cream.
Omelettes. The sausage is great. The other one has crazy heavy cream cheese in it, soooo fattening! There is another 24 hours Eastern European diner cafe nearby (Polish). I just love this neighborhood.

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6 Responses to “Veselka (NYC: East Village)”

  1. Freda says:

    btw I don’t think I ever mention this, the project I’m working on in NY, is actually in competition with Joan’s company. And yes she’s also working on the project (but they chose to stay in LA, the client is in NY). So we’ve been rivals haha! We’re very tight-lip on our ideas and never share with each other unlike before. Four companies are in the competition total. That goes to show you how small our industry is. It’d be cool if either one of our companies won (better if I kick her butt), or both lost haha.

  2. seat says:

    How nice, breakfast meeting with friends – I can never wake up for that. ^^;;
    Other than fried, what can you choose?

    I hope one of you get the project…without domestic bloodshed! ^^;; After you two get enough experience, you should open your own company! Potatomato design studio!

  3. donny says:

    yeah!! i be the first one to apply for a job!!
    dood, you beat me to this rst. this is on my list of places to try.

  4. tomoko says:

    oh you guys are competing??
    HAHAHA!! ^0^
    do you know the other two firms in the competition?
    in Japan, the firms involved is kept usually a secret, but people would bump into each other during presentations!
    such a small industry everywhere, huh, hahaha!!!

  5. Freda says:

    Yeah ‘secret’ leaked out so easily, like just between Joan and I already …^^;;
    I’m back to LA last night and moved right into my condo so there’s no internet yet, and at work my computer hasn’t ship back yet. So I won’t have much internet accessibility over next few days…darn.

  6. seat says:

    What you shipped your computer all the way to NY?! ^^;;
    How is your new home?? All decoration done?
    Hey hey, give me your new address!