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Devon (Monrovia)

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DSC00936.jpgDevon is located at the historic district of Monrovia with turn-of-the-century buildings. It is a fine French restaurant. The interior if full of huge tall mirror, burgundy wood walls and strange mixed of abstract paintings and chinese redwood chairs, but somehow still modern and elegant. Apple Martini $9 (we suck…for getting martini instead of wine at a French fine-dining restaurant :p I’m just more of a cheap-ass martini person)!

DSC00938.jpgCrab Salad $14 The crab is fresh and chewey. Very good!

DSC00940.jpgCurried Oysters with Salmon Roe $14 This is very VERY good! The sauce smell and taste so yummy! >o< Though I wonder if it’s better if the oysters weren’t fried…

DSC00942.jpgFoie Gras with Mango $19 SOOOO GOOD!!!!! So silky and fresh~~ though if eat with mango (which was too sour) together the mango dominate the taste too much.

DSC00944.jpgA bit of sorbet to clear the appertizer taste off your mouth for the upcoming main course, but for us…what main course!? ^^;;; Hope our “young girls watching weight” excused us for not ordering main course, really no stomach nor budget for them (just bomb couple hundred dollars on clothes today).

DSC00946.jpg Strawberry Crepe with Banana sauce $7 with carmelized banana, rather normal… 🙁

DSC00947.jpgDSC00951.jpg Poached Pear $7 with masaprone cheese stuff inside and a bit of blue cheese with light clove sauce, this is cute!!! The cheese stuff inside of the pear is very creamy and taste like butter. The combination of it with Pear and blue cheese and the clove sauce is very unqiue tasting.

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7 Responses to “Devon (Monrovia)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh oh oh French~~~~~~~~

    The apple Martini looks good, though I find it difficult to drink sweet stuff(it is sweet right?) before a meal. Nice to have it after the meal though.

    The crab salad looks good too, what does the sauce taste like? Though the way they put the stuff on the plate looks a bit un-French/messy?

    Fried Oysters can be very nice too, but only in a cheap place. In French restaurant, definitely raw ones for me~~~

    Foie gras with mango is my favourite combination. But the sauce is sweet?? Maybe you don’t need the mango if the foie gras is grilled and with sauce. One I had before here was very simple salted foie gras, more salty than usual, and if you eat it with sweet mango it tastes amazing~~~Actually I just had foie gras for lunch today(cheap one), upload tonight~~~

    The Pear looks so interesting!! I wonder how the hell they stuffed those cheese inside the pear and still keep it intact~~

    The food is shared between two of you? Is there a standard full course that is cheaper than picking each item from the menu? All those you ordered were appetizers right?

  2. tina says:

    lot of good food ne. . . i wish you have some pictures of the interior. never seem a place that has “chinese redwood chairs, but somehow still modern and elegan” 😀

    hey, i never had foie gras grilled with sauce. . . does it taste better than served cold? and with mango, that must be interesting. . . i think i will try that next time.

    what stuff did you buy? i just spend $200 on cloth and shoes this weekend. . . i promised myself no more shopping. . . XO

  3. Joan says:

    I realized I can’t afford to eat these kind of fine-dining French too often, because most of them only open for dinner, which doesn’t go with my diet habit since I don’t eat much at night while I have big breakfast and lunch. I didn’t have main course already, but my stomach felt like explode just from eating those that night! But they taste sooo good, so I should only have them once per month or something ^^;;;

    Oh I did mess up the decoration of the crab salad a bit to uncover for picture ^^;;. It’s hard to describe the sauce’s taste… it’s light, seafood-ish (? ^^;;; like that white color seafood/fish soup in cantonese dishes??), slightly salty, a bit sweet…various flavors.

    The main course all cost $30 and above, and they’re all big piece of meat (fish, chicken, lobster..etc), we can’t stomach that much at night. so I figure getting couple appetizers would be better. They’re more interesting to try too ^^;;

  4. Freda says:

    There was rabbit that night for main course too, I wonder how that taste like. ^^;; Here most of restaurants are like, your serving waiter will tell you long list of “specials” for tonight, it’s quite nerve wracking as you tried to remember everything they said and tried to make decision from memory. Worst if the waiter have heavy accent.

  5. seat says:

    Yeah those expensive gorgeous dinner should be once in a while, otherwise you won’t appreciate as much. And they are quite expensive even in L.A.!! $30 for a main is more expensive than most casual French restaurants here!! Try looking for restaurants that do cheaper lunch sets? And drinking lots of chinese tea(especially the bitter one you drink with dim sum) after the big French dinners may help with your digestion?? Your dad is the expert. ^^;;

    I had hare the other day, it has a distinct taste, which is interesting to try once, but can’t say it is my favourite – the meat is rough. And I can’t follow what the waiters say when they explain the menu too, most of the words being French. I just ask them to repeat slowly. It is your money, don’t be afraid to ask!!

  6. Freda says:

    Unfortunately I think those “lunch set” thing is only US fastfood system and “real” restaurant rarely have that ^^;; (which is why I always think it’s so much more value to eat in Japan). I find it so frustrated why most French Restaurant only open at night on weekends…we hit “nails” more than five times already for the past 3 weeks only because we didn’t check the restaurants opening hours ^^;;; Like we checked out their lunch menu online , got all excited then when we get there, door sign saids CLOSED! But we have to work during weekdays so it’s unfair~ I’ll never get to try the lunch menu T__T

  7. seat says:

    Oh many French restaurants only do lunch during weekdays here too, or lunch course during weekends is more expensive than during weekdays. The problem in L.A. is probably long driving time that you can’t afford to have nice lunch during work days.