March 3, 2006 6

M Cafe de Chaya

By in 09: Weho

Although this Japanese-fusion Macrobiotic place is Joan’s frequent workday lunch spot, this is my first time. 😀 Even though it was weekend but I met Joan’s IF co-workers there~ (so it IS their favorite eatery).
The much acclaimed Ahi-Tuna salad is delicious (citrus ponzu sauce?
The lotus root adds a lot!) and Strawberry cake (fresh strawberries and surprisingly pleasant soy and grain tasting ^^;;).

M Chaya Chopped, follow the no-tomato macrobiotic rule, they have shallots instead. This place reminds me of a California fusion version of Souen (and here). I missed NYC~

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6 Responses to “M Cafe de Chaya”

  1. seat says:

    How is the interior?? Maybe I asked before already…but why no-tomato?

    Argh~~~pics are accumulating fast in my camera, better update soon – again bad lunches in a row makes me feel so not motivated.

  2. Freda says:

    Oh yeah, Joan has never taken picture of this place before~ It’s always sooo crowded, with a deli section. As for why no tomato, I dunno either ^^;;; I found the explanation here, Interesting~ I saw this cooking show one day and the chef also use shallots intead of tomato for her salad, saying shallots is similar to tomato but she likes it more…hmm..

  3. seat says:

    What?! ^^;;; Interesting….but it means you basically have to give up Italian food…hmm…

  4. RP says:

    Hey I went to M Chaya this past weekend and got that Strawberry cake, it WAS really nice! Haha also like I said I would, I ordered the overhyped club sandwich and found it just okay (so I’ll get something else next time) 😛 I wanted to get the pear chocolate cake Joan talked about, but they didn’t have it that night… Pity. Also went to Fatty’s the other day, nice dishes and pretty waitress 😀

  5. Joan says:

    haha Seat I know what you mean. May be be more selective from now on, only post good ones or very very bad ones, haha…

    RP I’m glad you like both places! Ok so it’s not just me being bias in fake meat to not like the club sandwich. I saw people getting this very fancy looking bento box thing that seems really good. But I can’t find it in the menu, it was on Sunday morning so perhaps it’s a sunday brunch thing. What did you get at Fatty’s?

  6. RP says:

    Oh yeah the bento, it’s not on the menu but I saw it at display so maybe it’s not a regular dish, but it looked good- I want to try that to if it’s available next time I go~! The fake meat in club sandwich were too salty, the veges were okay, the bread was the best part haha. The person who went with me ordered teriyaki tofu, even that simple dish beat the sandwich 😀

    I got… er… some squash dish at Fatty’s (forgot name). Actually the best vegetarian food I’ve eaten were still from Chinese restaurants (not Bean Sprout of course X-D), but Fatty’s got a good balance of healthiness & taste!