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Nite Moon Cafe (Hollywood)

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DSCN7272.jpgSo Venice! A very Venice-sy place Golden Bridge open behind the Arclight cinema. A little strange to see it in Hollywood ^^;; They offered yoga and meditation classes that are taught by white people who have Indian-ish name like Khalsa, Gurudev…and wear turbans/indian clothing -__-;;;;, They also have new age spritiual lectures, spa and wellness, a store that sell yoga/new agey stuffs and…a cafe! Unsurprisingly they serve healthy vegetarian-friendly food. The roasted red pepper soup is good and healthy tasting. The tiki masala tempeh burger is pretty good too, the sauce is a bit too salty though. The chocolate cookie is very good, though they’re really from la brea bakery. Their vegan cookies tasted bad though, so dry and no taste. Not a bad place for simple healthy eat if you don’t mind seeing white people in turbans with indian names and the usual hollywood types trying to be spiritual.

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One Response to “Nite Moon Cafe (Hollywood)”

  1. seat says:

    Haha, they should serve Indian curry!!