April 17, 2006 4

M Grill (Wilshire Park)

By in 07: Mid-Wilshire

There were four of us, looking for a walking distance bar/restaurant nearby where our house. I’m surprised to find this Brazilian Steak house across the street.
I’m addicted to cheese bread. But they don’t have a full bar.
The salad buffet has a pretty good selections. Love the non-oily crusty plantain especially. This place is the Churrascaria type with fixed Prix dinner. It is the sort of carnivore heaven where servers came around each table with various type of BBQ/roasted meat stabbed on a blade all night, and slice a piece on your demand (and I learned that this service is called “Rodizio”). Here’re some:
DSC09614.jpgMy favorite is the tender prime rib, mostly good though I can’t distinguish some of them apart as I’m lost in carnivorous bliss. One chicken was a bit dry. There were also sausages and ham but the pictures came out yucky. So full but not that satisfying because there isn’t as much variety of meat… either beef or chicken…(no lamb?)

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4 Responses to “M Grill (Wilshire Park)”

  1. seat says:

    Eh hey~~ meat~~!!! My kind of place!! ^^;;
    Do they charge you every slice of meat you request?? Or meat is included in the buffet??

  2. Freda says:

    They dont’ charge seperately, so win for big meat eater (lighteater would be a waste of money ^^;;). I remember we once went to another this kind of Brazilian BBQ place with RP (!!!!) Before we realized what it is it’s too late to turn back~ So all thru the meal she has to rely on the buffet, which turns out to have a lot more food (really, just the buffet is enough) than this one. ^^;;

  3. Hi Freda and Joan — I just came across your blog and your design is so well done! Do you do design work? I’m looking to upgrade my blog.

  4. Freda says:

    Hi Pat, thanks for the compliment! 😀 Joan and I both do design works, though busy work kept us from doing much personal jobs (been wanting to update my blog with a new design too).