May 22, 2006 4

Sasaya (West LA)

By in 11: West LA

Dried Stingray Fin, tasty and much better texture (crispier) than the usual dried squid. Assorted cutlet, including yam, shishito (Japanese sweet pepper), oyster, shrimp, etc.
Takoyaki (pan fried octopus ball), very good! and Fried Mochi.
DSCN7475.jpgSweet Miso Oyster! Back to this Japanese tapas bar! (see old entry). It’s a wonderful place but still relatively unknown (too authentic?). After 2 visits I still feel like there’re so many things to try~ I need to come back here on the Wednesday’s Ladies night~

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4 Responses to “Sasaya (West LA)”

  1. seat says:

    Fried mochi in sauce! Never try that before. Sweet miso oyster, also very rare…
    You seen to often order takoyaki in izakaya place…do you really like it?

  2. tomoko says:

    what do you get for ladies’ day?
    I like to watch movies on ladies day…^^;

  3. Freda says:

    I think Ladies’ night you get free cocktail! 😀 Seat I didn’t notice I always order takoyaki, I guess it’s the ‘Asian’ in me who want to spend least and ‘fill’ stomach most. Those little tapas are just like snacks, so I’d always get one dish that’s the finishing stomach filler (takoyaki, grilled riceball, even the mochi too!)

  4. donny says:

    when i get back to LA, i must try this place