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Cosmopolitan Restaurant

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We craved margarita for the entire day. Since we didn’t do any research and just drove around San Diego, we went out on an exit called “old town’ and arrived at this touristy historic state park. The 1800s preserved Spanish American village is full of folk art shops and bars/restaurants.
We randomly picked this one because it has shortest line.
Traditional Margarita and Strawberry Margarita. Wonderful! Ceviche, has fish, scallop..etc. the chops are not as small as I like.
Tortilla soup not like this one that I love… 🙁 . Ensalada de Carnitas: pork, sweet corn, orange segments, cherry tomatoes, jicama and avocado with mixed greens salad with pear vinaigrette. The pork are tender but still too much chewing….^^;;
DSC00059.jpg…because I ate too much chips. The salsa is very tasty, so fresh~ We weren’t hungry so we didn’t tried their entrees. We waited forever for the waitress to get the bill…-_-
I wonder if the one with long lines are the best Mexican restaurant there…should have waited…

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4 Responses to “Cosmopolitan Restaurant”

  1. tomoko says:

    oh wow old town!
    yeah, that’s one of the tourist spots! 😀
    I’ve only been there twice, but I remember
    they serve this huuuuuuge margarita.^-^

  2. ray says:

    stop by San Juan Capistrano next time, and try The Ramos House Cafe (in historic Los Rios district).

  3. seat says:

    Margaritas look yummy~!
    Is it because it is a touristy place that’s why there are lines outside all the restaurants?

  4. Freda says:

    Thanks Ray for the recommendation!

    There were lines outside all the restaurants because it was a 3 days holiday weekend…ha! The margarita we had was huge too, it was only medium size…the L size is like fish bowl.