June 5, 2006 2

Tortilla Grill (Abbot Kinney)

By in 15: Venice

DSC00003a.jpg Watermelon juice, so cooling so sweet~ Chile Pellano: stuffed pastilla chili with queso ranchero, very tasty! The cover is fried battered egg. The guacamole is very fresh. Cheap quick lunch at this neighhorhood Mexican joint, very good! 😀

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2 Responses to “Tortilla Grill (Abbot Kinney)”

  1. seat says:

    Exotic(to me)! Queso ranchero is crumbled cheese? Guacamole is avocado salad?
    They served you with plastic cups and plates even if you eat-in? ^^;;

  2. Freda says:

    I’ts exotic to me too, I never had this stuffed chili before. Basically I looked at menu and order whatever I can’t recognize ^^;;. Guacamole is avocado salad, it’s really good when made fresh! I remember I first ate that at lunch shelter food back in school here and of course as public school canteen food goes everything was super gross. I wonder what this green stuff was and it was bitter (!) and just..errr… it haunted me for awhile…^^;;