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Il Chianti (Lomita)

By in 17: South Bay

Il Chianti is a chain Italian restaurant from Japan.
Beef Tataki (so flavored and tender) and Bruschetta with foie gras, sea urchin and mackerel-tartar (oh my sooo delicious! *O*) and . Though both taste rather sweet.
Hot Stone Pot arlic falvor cheese Risotto. Joan said she ate this in Japan and was so unforgettable. Indeed, it is sooo multi-flavored. Rather a bit too sweet again….^^;;
Their ‘Los Angeles’ division is actually at Lomita (ok I’d say it: middle-of-nowhere X-D). When we drove out there we were told that there’d be a 45 minutes wait. We could have turn back to Torrance for any of the good Japanese places, but what the heck…Lomita is too far a drive to come back to try again. The vibe inside does made me feel like in Tokyo. The food is great though the taste is overal sweeter (Japanese taste?). There’re many many things to try on menu. Next time if we went again make sure it’s a bigger party, so we can order many big bowl of pasta to share.

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7 Responses to “Il Chianti (Lomita)”

  1. seat says:

    The bruschetta sounds amazing!
    Japanese taste tends to be sweeter but it is a bit extreme that every dish you ordered was overly sweet. ^^;;
    Are the staff all japanese?

  2. Joan says:

    yeah all staffs are Japanese, and they do that annoying loud screaming “greetings” when customers comes in or leave the restaurants, and even walk you out and open door for you. So really felt like we were in Japan.

  3. Joan says:

    I like the food a lot! Seat why don’t you try the branch in Tokyo!?

  4. seat says:

    The branches in Tokyo are all quite far from central…the nearest one is probably kichijoji, maybe I can try next time!

  5. Freda says:

    haha it’s just like by “los angeles”, it is actually like 45+ min freeway drive away ^^:;

  6. tomoko says:

    oh I know, those “irasshaimase” calls are so annoying…-_-;
    (and I have to do it at work x_x)

    how do they phrase it in English, though!?

  7. Joan says:

    Haha somehow I just can’t imagine you being all smiley and greeting customers at all!
    They say “Irasshaimase” here (all Japanese staff). Seems like when one person say it, everybody has to say it, including the people working in the kitchen. So you hear the constant “irrashaimaasseeee” echo here and there throughout the entire night…urgh..