July 19, 2006 2

Fish Grill (Beverly Blvd)

By in 09: Weho

Fried Fish Sandwich. I got the Mesquite Grilled Sea Bass with sides of French fries and Isarel salad. I love the fries! The fish is fresh and taste good, even it’s just simply grilled with a little bit of salt/seasoning. Seems healthy too?
Mesquite Grilled Red Snapper and Fish n’ Chips. All dishes came with tartar sauce and ketchup.
Since he wants credit: Juan discovered this Kosher seafood place on Beverly Blvd and took the lunch group there. It’s sort of a fast food place where you order over the counter and pick them up, but the interior is charming like a bistro. Everyone enjoyed their food. Everything is around $6-$12, reasonably priced. It’s a good causal cheap eats place, next time I want to try their pasta and chowder.

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2 Responses to “Fish Grill (Beverly Blvd)”

  1. seat says:

    Such close up of the customers…are they your friends? ^^;;;
    Actually the fish and chips looks yummy…

  2. Joan says:

    yeah my co-workers ^^;;