October 20, 2004 5

OT Dinner – Lala’s (Melrose)

By in 08: Hollywood

DSC01052.jpgDSC01055.jpg IF would order dinner for people who work overtime and they usually get food from pretty nice restaurants. Best of all it’s free, the company paid for everything. Here’s an example from tonight, we order from Lala’s, an Argentina Grill place. Right: Grilled Swordfish $9.95, with onion, tomato, mushroom and red and green peppers, brushed with olive oil and garlic, served with rice. It taste great! The sauce is really yummy and quite unique tasting. Left: Pechuga de Pollo $8.50 Grilled Chicken marinated in lemon-orange sauce. The chicken breast is too dry. We usually eat at our own desks.

DSC00964.jpg Chicken Soup $3.50 Just to show what I often eat on a busy day at Lunch when I don’t have time to eat properly. I would usually go to the cheap cafe Hollywood Cafe just down a block from the office for their chicken soup. ^^;;; It’s really quite surprisingly yummy! They seems to add some curry spice in it? And more importantly it’s so cheap and quite a stomach filler (and kind of “healthy” too).

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5 Responses to “OT Dinner – Lala’s (Melrose)”

  1. seat says:

    What?!!! Your company is so nice to pay for your OT dinner!! Who decides where to order from?? Yourself??

    Is the chickend soup all you ate for lunch?? It looks so small…and mainly water…

  2. tina says:

    haaa, are you eatting your dinner on the wacon tab?!! i did that and almost killed the tab when i spill the sauce. sign~ i wish my company treat me this nice. . . with good food and nice building to work in. heck i don’t even have a window at my office. and i am sitting in a cube too. . . XO

  3. Freda says:

    yeah they show you the take-out menu and you can pick your order. Like you could totally order the most expensive thing on the menu just for the heck of it ^^;; I ordered desserts and appertizer too (HAHA!) but this one won’t let me as there’s some minimum order thing whatever… IF used to not have this, but one time this guy from IF’s New York branch let slip they have rules in the NY office that company must order dinner for everyone who stayed after 7:30pm. A lot of other motion design firms did it too (like the slave camp one I worked at while you were here), some even do lunch, but most did it because they rather keep people “inside” as they’re way too busy.

  4. Freda says:

    oh too late btw… I killed my wacon tab already, it’s not working anymore ^^;;; must have been the abuse of food. Didn’t Sebastian has their own cafeteria? Food no good there?

  5. tina says:

    sign~ motion/entertaiment designer do work crazy hrs. heck even shadedbox buys food for their slave freelancers when they work OT. . .

    we do have a small cafe here and the sometimes catering when there’s seminar going on. . . but i am sick of it already. they always serve really simple and plain stuff. mexican food or just different kind of chicken salads. . . i use to think they have good coffee too (they serve a brand called seattle’s best) , they make it really dark too. but somehow it lacks the aroma of peet’s coffee. (oh, and the cafe always close before their office store hrs. too,)

    i manage to slip out of the office yesterday to a local coffee shop to enjoy the fresh air and rain, but my art director called me and told me there is a meeting and i have to go back asap T_T , so i just left the nice out door with clean air and no roof over my head, and went back to the office. . . so sad, so sad. . .