August 17, 2006 3

Spitz (Eagle Rock)

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DSC00688.jpgDSC00690.jpgI finally tried the much anticipated Spitz: Doner Kebab Shack at Eagle Rock. I ordered the Classic: Paper-thin strips of lamb with Panini-toasted Focaccia bread, Tzatziki sauce and chili sauce. SO GOOD! Really one of the best sandwich I’ve had. The Tzatziki sauce taste a bit like yogurt + blue cheese salad dressing. And the thin lamb meat! Very flavored, tender and smooth. I had the side of Sweet Potato fries that is just one of the BEST ever. My mouth watered as I’m typing. I read from their site that their method is European style, not Turkish. They have gelato as well…I’d try next time.

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3 Responses to “Spitz (Eagle Rock)”

  1. seat says:

    Tzatziki sounds exotic…love anything exotic.
    I thought chutney was Indian conserved mango…confusing.
    Focaccia…is indeed European/Italian not Turkish!
    I learn something about food everyday from your blog! ^^;;

  2. Freda says:

    But Tzatziki doesn’t taste that exotic, just like yogurt but more vinegary. haha I learn about food by blogging myself too, that’s bonus of what food adventure brings about, learn more about culture. I learned so much unusual ingredientsfrom your blog too.

    Looking up D

  3. seat says:

    What?! Doner with pita bread is German version?! ^^;; But I think I will like to eat it with rice too! I actually prefer eating curry with rice than naan.