August 22, 2006 2

Solar de Cahuenga (Cahuenga)

By in 08: Hollywood

DSC00693.jpgThe past 2 times I came here for lunch I kept leaving behind my camera charging at the office. 3rd time is the charm! It’s a crepe (not so common in the Hollywood area) + coffeeshop, the inside is surprisingly big and cozy. Susie’s own: tomato sauce minced meat, nutmeg and spinach (not much flavor). The side was Squash soup. Beef stroganoff crepe: the meat is rubbery and a bit hard to chew, the buttery sauce is good though. I prefer the savory Bell peppers crepe (forgot name) I got last time more. I’ve also tried their dessert crepes Suzette last time and it’s totally forgettable, it kill my further desire to try their other ones. Overall the food is good and not fantastic. Their crepe is a bit too thick for my liking. Though I don’t mind coming back here if I ever need a crepe-fix on a work day since it’s close by. The nice spacious interior is pretty good for spending hours typing away on laptop or reading. It’s also an alternative late night dining on the Franklin Ave area.

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2 Responses to “Solar de Cahuenga (Cahuenga)”

  1. seat says:

    I probably have asked before…what is squash soup? From pictures the crepes look good though~ very stylish.

  2. Freda says:

    Definitely a case of ‘look better than it taste’~ ^^;;;
    Squash, a type of fruit? The soup taste like carrot+cucumber soup…sort of…