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Yung Ho Dou Jiang (San Gabriel)

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Yung Ho is a Taiwanese chain where you can get Mandarin breakfast in LA. We used to Sunday brunch here a lot back in those art school days ;D (Dou Jiang means Soymilk).
We had salty soymilk! The one on the left is Northern style, in which the soymilk solidfied (like soft tofu) with seaweed, bamboo shoot and minced meat. The one on the right is generic kind that has pickled cabbage and dried pork. Both are very good~
Fried Bread sticks, you eat them by dipping them in the soymilk. We ordered way too many of them, I forgot that they came in ‘pairs’. The Sticky Rice is not the kind (with fried bread stick and pickled cabbage) I like…:( It has dried pork and fried battered thin pork.
DSC00760.jpgCold Thousand Year Old Egg with Tofu, we expected a small appertizing scramble dish with sesame oil. Turns out they served it with blocks of tofu and slices of egg placed on top. Both are still tasty individually anyway. Way too many dried pork meat though…

There are 2 branches in LA, the one we went to is at:
1045 E Valley Blvd Ste 105, San Gabriel, CA 91776-3661

the other branch:
533 W Valley Blvd., San Gabriel, CA 91776-3700

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3 Responses to “Yung Ho Dou Jiang (San Gabriel)”

  1. seat says:

    I used to get similar kind of breakfast from roadside stalls in HK, but it was called “Shanghai sticky rice”. The one I used to eat was stuffed with dried pork and fried bread. Yeah soy milk was salty, but no other ingredients. Really, even chinese food, there are so many different styles that some of them I am completely clueless about.

  2. nakedsushi says:

    That looks great. What’s the address? I’d like to take my parents there.

  3. Joan says:

    Just added the address, I hope your parents would enjoy it 🙂