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Pete’s Cafe and Bar (Downtown)

By in 06: Downtown LA

Breads are very good! Tortilla soup was so-so…
Pancetta wrapped Scallop, the toppings are these grilled onion and cabbage (?), very good! I had the Lamb Bolognese: pappardelle pasta, braised lamb, fresh tomatoes, garlic, this is very delicious! Meaty but not heavy, it’s incredible! It’s so flavored, I enjoyed every joyful bite. It is THE dish to come back for again and again!
DSC00805.jpgPete’s Cafe and Bar at the corner of 4th and Main, actually does feels like a downtown restaurant: open past midnight with a metropolitan looking crowd; surrounded by old building, casual sophisticated atmosphere and skyscrappers as background . There’s a $16 all American ‘macaroni & cheese’ on the menu. I love the art deco lamps, this place gave me the illusion that…LA does have a ‘downtown.’ (but outside one block away is still a bit sketchy and abandoned…^^;;). I want to try their acclaimed burger. Noteworthy: the waiter was very friendly, fast service!

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3 Responses to “Pete’s Cafe and Bar (Downtown)”

  1. seat says:

    The lamb bolognese looks so good so much ingredients! Quite big portion too?? In Japan, that would be for 3 people…totally not enough. Wait, LA doesn’t have a downtown? I thought I went to the downtown with tall office buildings…

  2. Freda says:

    yeah Joan and I shared that lamb bolognese (that’s why she only got an appertizer ^^;;). The wide pasta is not heavy at all, very thinly slice and freshly made!

    hehe LA does have a downtown but it’s no where near an actual happening one like those in other cities (San Francisco, Manhattatn, Seattle). People only go there for work, for a long time it was so abandoned that once the sun set and the business people all flee, an army of homeless people emerges and take over the streets, even on our way there we passed by a few tents. Some streets are just deadly scary at night, like an abandoned post war scene. There’re restaurants and hang out places here and there, but you have to drive thru these sketchy streets to find them…^^;; (but of course this is the edgy charm for some people) There have been long time plan to revive downtown, trying to clean up the street and draw back people there by buliding luxury lofts and condos, hyping up landmark attractions and holding art/cultural events..etc. tyring to convince people that some parts are now safe to walk around and such…most of us are still skeptical whether LA downtown will ever be truly alive…^^;;;

  3. seat says:

    That sounds scary…actually the office district shinbashi is a bit like that, the train station area smells of urine all the time…^^;; I guess in LA the idea of walking around instead driving is still far from being accepted as civilised and safe…^^;;