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Pacific Dining Car (Downtown)

By in 06: Downtown LA

DSC00832.jpgAnother Downtown adventure! We brunch at Pacific Dining Car, which is actually a historic steakhouse (started in 1921) that’s now in the midst of a lower income neighborhood. We didn’t get to sit at the train dining car section. The location, the 70-ish years old looking host, the luxurious classic interior and $$$ menu made it quite an experience~ (according to web there’s even shoeshine service O_o). They opened for 24 hours, and have shuttle to take you to Staple Center and Walk Disney Concert Hall (total downtown landmarks visiting ‘package’~).
Their famous traditional Egg Benedict ($16). The hollandaise sauce was incredibly rich and creamy, the Canadian bacon was thick but tasty. I was very stuffed for the rest of the day! Though I have to say I prefer the EB at Clementine where the hollandaise sauce was lighter and airy.
Their signature Country Breakfast ($16). The butter milk pancakes were fluffy, with real maple syrup with strong maple flavor. The sausage was very good~ oh what a hearty satisfying (and stomach stuffing) breakfast. The breakfast menu is full of tempting egg dishes. *q*

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3 Responses to “Pacific Dining Car (Downtown)”

  1. seat says:

    The interior does have a time-slip effect. Egg Benedict looks aaaaahhh!!!! The top layer is the egg? Not runny?

    My friend has convinced me that good Egg Benedict doesn’t exist in Tokyo and Croque-madame is just the same thing…except that the bread is not muffin…^^;;

  2. Freda says:

    Yeah the top dome shape is poached egg, the egg yolk is runny once you cut inside. This taste like a super high end version of egg mcmuffin actually…^^;;; I cannot imagine Tokyo doesn’t have good croque madame and EB, they’re simple to make…maybe Japanese doesn’t cook generous enough with butter and cream to make them good…^^;;;

    A look at their dinner menu, the steak are all $40+…just the steak alone (no side). o_O

  3. Bree says:

    I want those butter curls!