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Cafe de Amis (Maui: Pa’ia)

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DSC00926.jpgOnce we arrived at Central Maui airport, the first thing we did: to find a cute breakfast place. And we did! 😀 Pa’ia is a hippie vibe small town with surprisingly good select shops, boutiques, antiques, cafes. It’s the last stop before you venture to the secluded east side of the island. Cafe de Amis is a Mediterranean + Indian crepe place…with island flavor (ingredient of mango, coconut, pineapple…etc.). There’re artworks hanged all over the walls, artist patrons sketching other patrons…it’s so relax here.
Joan had the Salmon Cheviche, very very good! I had the wrap of Indian Curry Chicken with Mango Chutney and Raita (Indian Yogurt and Cucumber), so good too~
Crepe with Brie, Apple, Papaya and Pepper, it gets better with every bite. Guava Smoothie.

Very impressive food, ingredients are unpredictable and the food are prepared so delicately. What a great start for our trip~

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3 Responses to “Cafe de Amis (Maui: Pa’ia)”

  1. tomoko says:

    looks healthy yet enjoyable!:D

  2. seat says:

    The food looks too good to be in an airport! ^^;;
    The green thing in the crepe is the papaya? Looks like avocado~

  3. Freda says:

    oh no way it’s not in the airport…^^;;;
    This cafe is at a town called Pa’ia, which locates on our way from airport to Hana about 15 mins drive. When we were on the plane, we already checked the guidebook for nearest location for good breakfast, turns out that place is like the ONLY place to have good food within miles.
    haha t does look like avocado…I must have remembered wrong…