September 15, 2006 4

Moana Bakery and Cafe (Maui: Pa’ia)

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The 3rd day we’re heading back outside, enduring the prone-to-car sickness Hana Highway again. Turns out it was the big marathon event where all these contestents kept running toward our traffic (followed by their cheerleading friends on their van with camera on opposite traffic). Narrow one lane road, crazy blind spot turns, and now people are running in the middle of the road!!! My goodness~~
Back to the wonderful Pai’a town! We have brunch at Moana Bakery, it reminds of some overpriced hipster hangout at Silver Lake. The Scramble Egg Wrap is so-so.
Mahi-Mahi Egg Benedict, the edge part are very fishy (is it old?). I have the Potato Cake with Tomato Egg Benedict, it’s pretty good!
Though our breakfast food were not that impressive. We bought their pastries for our upcoming beach hunt journey. OH MY they’re DELICIOUS!!! Very very impressed!
Passing the Hookipa Beach again, it has the clearest water! Lots of seaweed (?) though…

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4 Responses to “Moana Bakery and Cafe (Maui: Pa’ia)”

  1. seat says:

    Why those people have to run on the Highway which is notorious enough to be a joke on T-shirts? Crazy! ^^;;;
    The potato cake is fried? So black!

  2. Freda says:

    It’d be safer to run on that highway than to drive! ^^;; Curves and narrowness only matters to drivers, to runners it’s just a nicely concrete paved wide road. ^^;; The only difficulty is that they’re running uphill, they assume we drivers will watch out for them. Yeah so black…errrr..^^;;

  3. Yan says:

    yea, i thought that driving into Hana was hard. didn’t expect driving out was even harder. Constantly trying to pay close attention to the turns, dodging runners and upcoming traffic on that narrow and curvy road made me feel like I was playing a real life video game. HHEHHEHE but that’s only begginer’s level compare to the road to banana bread!!!

  4. Freda says:

    haha yeah it’s like a racing video game with ridiculous designed curvy road, road to Hana = lv.1, and road to Banana Bread is the advanced level. You drove so well~