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Spoon House (Gardena)

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DSC01078.jpgDSC01064.jpgRecommended by Yan, we tried this Japanese spaghetti house called Spoon House on saturday. It is SO good! I’ll never ever eat Japanese spaghetti at other places again. 😀 The kitchen is open with table surrounding it, we got the best seats that enable us full view of how they cook. This place is packed. There’s still waiting lines even it’s 2:00 already.

DSC01073.jpgDSC01070.jpg The spaghetti house is also a bakery, so I guess they baked their own bread too. The bread is simply among the best I’ve had in LA…reminded me of the ones I had in HK/Japan. I just don’t understand why American can’t make good simple white bread right…always too sour and rough.

Right in front of us is this wheel thingy that cook spaghetti.

Japanese Cod Roe with Sea Urchin and Seaweed $7.50 Simply the best I’ve ever had! Even though there’s stingy amount of urchin the taste is enough.

Clam and Mushroom $7.50 This is really yummy too.

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9 Responses to “Spoon House (Gardena)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh the bread certainly looks good! Roe with urchin? Something I never tried before. What happened to your cream/cheese craving? ^^;;;

  2. tina says:

    i didn’t know you guys never being to spoon house. remember i ran into you guys about a year ago at torrence when i was doing internship? (i think you guys went to the second hand book store) me and my co-workers just finished from spoon house and went across the street to get drinks! yeah, that place is small so we usually take early lunch if we want to go there. next time you go, try their mix mushroom one, it’s really good too.

    another good place for plain white bread is “the kitchen” in old town. they bake them fresh , so it’s always hot and soft. they also sell the pre pack ones that they made , so you can bring it home and bake it whenever you are craving for good bread!!

    i think there is a desert/bakery place around that area, on western . . . near a udon place. . .i don’t remember the name ^^:: but their desert is okay. or you can try the desert set at nigiya market (also on western) , they serve blue moutain coffee.

  3. Freda says:

    We ate at Akane-Chaya (next to the Books Off) that time we bump into you ha! Ha seat there’s always next time, I sure will try their “cream/chesse” later 😀 Hey Spoon House is my ideal restaurant that I wished is more nearby (too long drive just to get food). Spaghetti was like the symbol of my childhood joy and fantasy (while I know for some people it was McDonalds Happy Meal ^^;;;), there was this western/spaghetti house nearby my house when we were in HK. So imagine my great disappointment when I came here and just can’t get used to the spaghetti here (too plain and bland). Too many disappointment that I tend to avoid them now as not to spoil the spaghetti memories from the past ^^;;

    Tina, is the bakery the one we talked about here? (scroll down to the comment section, to tomoko’s comment regarding a cake shop next to the udon place “Sanuki no sato” (the bakery got mad at her for bringing in outside food ^^;;; ) If so I know which one you talked about.

  4. tina says:

    yeah, i am pretty sure it’s that one. by the way, sanuki no sato isn’t that special either. . . i heard so much about that place from my japanese co-worker then, but when i go visit, it wasn’t anything special and kind of pricy too for what they are offering. . . but try the bakery at nijiya if you can, their mont blac was really good as i remembered a year ago!!

  5. tina says:

    by the way, i went to cafe beaujolais over the weekend, and the food was GREAT!! thank you guys for making this wonderful blog for lazy people like me . . . and the french waiters really add an authentic touch to the resturant. our waiter saw my bf’s camera he purchased from japan and start chatting with us about digital cameras, he called over couple of other waiters to see it, so there were lot’s of french waiter crowing over our tiny table talking about modern technology!!! (interesting combonation)

    oh, on the way there, we missed the resturant and saw a petit beaujolais one block down the street. i wonder it they just serve cafe + desert ? it’s ver y small and cute.

  6. Joan says:

    Ohoh what did you guys eat at Cafe Beaujolais?

  7. tina says:

    i had sole with salmon mousse in side, and by bf had filet . the protion was big so we didn’t have room for desert. but we did have some desert one which was really really good. has a nice after taste to it.

  8. RP says:

    Hmmmm! Looks nice! How do you go to this place?

    Now you gals are exploring everywhere fun within the LA county, guess this place is a lot more appealing to you now 🙂

  9. Freda says:

    To go to Spoon House, take 10W > 101 (toward San Pedro) > 110 (keep on driving, Redondo Beach Blvd exit). Then keep on driving on Redondo Beach Blvd and you’d see Spoon House on the right side. 😀 After the realization that we’d be pretty stuck in LA for awhile (where our career’s going) yeah have to learn to get the most out of it ^^;;;;