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Pete’s Cafe and Bar (downtown LA)

By in 06: Downtown LA

Met up with my friends for brunch at Pete’s Cafe and Bar which I had dinner before. When our dishes came, our first reaction is: huge portion! A big bowl of Mac & Cheese (avermont sharp white cheddar, asiago and goat cheese with tarragon and a side of mixed baby greens) which I could only finish 1/3. It’s good but not worth $11. Wish I could get it half portion for half the price. Egg Benedict.

DSCN8398.jpgJumbo size Breakfast Quesadilla, it’s way too big that 3 of us could just share this. That would have been a good idea because then we would have stomach room for the absolutely incredible Bread Pudding! I’d not had such memorable dessert for a long time. I didn’t know bread pudding could taste this good. My friend said that’s the only thing he order whenever he comes here. Since Pete’s open till 2:00 am at night, it’ll be an ideal late after meal/late night destination for dessert. Their bread pudding is a must try!

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19 Responses to “Pete’s Cafe and Bar (downtown LA)”

  1. seat says:

    What is avermont? Mac & Cheese, is macaroni and cheese…haha took me a while to realise that.
    Are the Egg benedict and Quesadilla any good besides being big? ^^;;

  2. Joan says:

    My friends said they’re pretty good. But you can get good Egg benedict in many other places anyways. Their not exceptional good enough to come back for. ^^;; If I ever come back here I’ll try something else (or just eat the bread pudding!)

  3. tomoko says:

    wow the mac&cheese looks like it could
    feed 4 people! never seen such gourmet
    mac&cheese ^^

  4. RP says:

    Went there yesterday for lunch, the quiche I had was alright but like you not much appetite left for the bread pudding which *was* yummy! I like how the waiter was very polite and efficient, it’s pity they only have brunch items on weekends though!

  5. Joan says:

    oh yeah Pete’s should be quite close to where you work. You should explore more restaurant in Downtown for us hehe 😛 oh yeah may be you can try Barbara’s at the Brewery!

  6. RP says:

    Haha I’ve gone to a few overpriced but so-so ones already. There’s this Asian Noodles place @ 643 N Spring St (ChinaTown) that’s got a few interesting dishes, maybe you can try it out sometime! Beware of the thick smoke there though, we always come out a little stinky ^^;;;

    Totally OT: Go watch that Korean period movie The King and the Clown~~~!!! Love it so much X-D!!!

  7. Joan says:

    We saw that movie, I like it a lot too! 😛

  8. Freda says:

    RP, did you watch the regular or Director’s Cut? That has more…funny and “tasty” bit in! ;D

  9. RP says:

    Hoho, you mean how the king’s actor came up with the idea to kiss the clown (said judging from the king’s he’d want to do “something” to Gongil), and how he looked totally giddy/evil after the long kiss :-P? I’ve only seen the movie and some behind the scene bits from online, am going to buy the complete set! Did you see it with English subtitle or?

    I was slow to see this movie, had I known it’s so good~! I am so fascinated by the psychopath, lewd, at times child-like king, he’s my fav from the film~ I can’t stop thinking about him and his actor~~~ I think I have v. serious problems (nothing new). Am also gonna hunt down the director’s other works, heard they were all rather offbeat/fun- wonder if they were translated though!

  10. Freda says:

    I’m talking about the Director’s Cut that has about 10+ more minutes than the theatrical release. There’s some extra funny scenes. I love those additions, they should have put them in…they complete the film more. ^^b I watched the English subtitles version. I like the pair of clowns the most, so sweet~ I can so see you (predictable?) drawn to the King character. ^^;;; I like that the film is well acted & good nature in general…the emotions and the story is sometimes ‘hidden’, very multi-facet, making it a very re-watchable film.

    Lemme give you some good extensive reading links about the film:

    Twitch Review: Part 1, 2, 3.

    Good Japanese blog with tons of stuffs.

    btw can you believe it, I actually watched a bit of “Dae Jang-geum” ^^;;; , they marathoned it on cable TV awhile ago and I caught bits of it (how can you really sit through 50+ episodes dealing with those same evil biotches in same setting? I already get tired of them in a few episodes down). It has everything that ma’am likes: cooking, evil biotches, palace power struggles, cooking, more cooking, healthy diet, healing food, more cooking, iron chef in palace…

    Complete OT: ^^;;
    What unusual food goes well with mayonnaise?

  11. RP says:

    Freda thanks for the links, will read them at home (company blocked ALL of them -__-;;) Haha yeah, I am hopelessly in love with that psycho & his hurt/comfort relationship with Gongil, even though it’s quite obvious the two clowns belong to each other (I like them too)! Indeed a very rewatchable film, and it caters to the majority of my needs when seeing a movie ^^ Oh did you read about how this macho clown/feminine clown pairings were very common in reality in Korea? Because they were too poor (considered as beggars) to get wives and always traveled/gone through hardship together.

    Yeah you are absolutely right, my mom is a HUGE Dae Jang-geum fan (rewatched the thing I dunno how many times). I found it alright, some parts much more interesting than the rest, but overall a well-produced tv drama. Hey have you become more interested in Korean things after moving to the new area :-D?

    I agree with bread/fried egg/pizza with mayonnaise coz I’ve tried them already X-D

  12. Freda says:

    Oh yeah I remember that MSNBC article, that was how I heard about this film~ It has nothing to do with moving to K-town…it’s just Korean film is a new territory for me to explore and they’re one of the most exciting film industry. The Korean films I’ve seen so far are mostly artsy, stylish (and pretentious), this movie is the first ‘plain’ one I saw that has an err…’economic’ quality that’s actually quite refreshing…^^;;;; (shot like TV drama)

  13. RP says:

    Yeah I thought it had nothing to do with where you moved to, don’t ask me why I say things just so people can refute them 😛

    I’ve watched the extended version! Gosh with only a few more minutes both the palace conspiracy and the two clowns’ relationship could have been explained much more clearly, why were these scenes cut?

    Korean movies present a new mine to me too… though I have watched quite a few kdrama already (some of them are not bad, but ALL of them kill too much time). Oh and haha, I’ve really fallen for the king dude and am tracking down his other works. This film Wild Card I just saw over the weekend has the plainest storyline ever among cop movies, and the plainest-looking cast too but I really dig it for some reason. Watched it three times in a row! And I’ve also found out that one should stick to the English subtitles, the simple Chinese subtitles are often translated from the English version and half of the time do not make much sense ^^;;;

  14. Freda says:

    I read that those parts were cut because they thought the movie won’t do well in box office so they tried to fit the film under 2 hours (so they can get more screenings per day), and they worried some of those clowns’ scenes were errr…’offensive’ to audience… ^^;;;

    I caught a bit of this Kdrama on cable TV, based on a girl’s comic, Fullhouse…silly idol no brainer comic-ish one and it’s no difference from the likes of JP/TW idol drama…same formular & ever familiar setup…what’s up with that (Asianlization? ^^;;). It’s cute but really a no brainer.

    Do you bt that movie you watched, or rental? I ‘bt’ the King movie with english sub (bless those pirating Mainlanders). Good thing about Korean films/DVD is that they’re always so gaijin friendly with good English subtitles. I’m only relying on Netflix for my Korean films rentals, which is not much.

    Hey Joan went to see The Departed this past weekend and she said she likes Internal Affairs more, but it still some good things (eg: Jack Nickleson, being his usual self, is more menacing as a gang boss).

  15. RP says:

    Offensive… Geez what a conservative country;;; It’s interesting that Lee Joon Ki (Konggil) said in an interview that he considered the relationship between Konggil and Jangsaeng to be like one between brother and sister, while Konggil’s feeling for the king was largely maternal. Well yeah, I definitely saw these elements too, but still, the homoerotic vibe was there no matter how the movie was marketed.

    When one of my ex-coworker recommended Fullhouse to me I knew it would be a complete no-brainer haha. But I vaguely remember telling you(?) before that the manga author of Fullhouse drew this m/m love story manga that I totally love, but which stupid TW publisher has stopped translating later volumes. I’ve NO idea what it’s called in Korean, it has a silly Chinese title ‘pure love 1/2 game’ (I get goose bumps just typing it;;;) It’s mellowdrama overdose but I like the two main characters, and applaud the author’s courage to take on such “taboo” topic when she’s established herself as a popular shojo manga artist in Korea.

    Oh I rented ‘Wild Card’, and yeah I was surprised by the quality of these Korean movies’ English subtitle~ If there’s any Korean dvd rental shop around you maybe check with them if they got ones with English subtitle? They are sold at typical Japanese dvd prices which you know is ridiculously high ^^;;

    I’ve been wanting to see The Departed even though it’s bashed by some Chinese reviewers, mostly out of curiosity 😀 Are you seeing it soon?

  16. Freda says:

    haha yeah right, the actor used to say the clown’s relationship were like ‘husband & wife’, but after all those ‘K-Brokeback mountain’ labeling they got fed up and tried to clarify ‘it’s not a gay film’ during the promotion in Japan (so now it’s brother & sister huh? ^^:;). It’s true because it’s more really MF than MM (mentally speaking) really. The film is based on a theatrical play. In the original play, the clowns were actual lovers, and more than ‘maternal’ things were going on between the king and the clown…so the film is already a far tone down version.

    Yeah I know which comics you talked about. The TW publisher went out of business right so no one pick the rest up. Yeah that one sure is melodrama OVERdose but still fun at first. I read the rest in Korean (have no idea what they’re talking about) and seems like 2nd half is all ‘the parents/world/society is against us’ type of angst, no fun~~ And the ending is the kind of no resolution (?) ‘seperation’. Maybe it’s better to just stop where you are at (i can sent you if you wanna see for yourself ^^b)

    Yeah I could have just venture into any of the nearby Korean DVD rentals here…but I already paid for Netflix monthly. ^^;;

    I don’t think I’d see The Departed (errr I have a strange habit of losing urge to go see/read something if Joan already did)…I’d catch it on cable…^^:;;

  17. RP says:

    It’s so bizarre to flood your food blog with these non-related stuffs, but I dunno where to move to ^^;;; Just one more long-winded OT msg I promise!

    Yeah the movie is definitely more M/F in terms of Konggil’s psychological sexual identity, but they are playing down the romantic aspect altogether that’s what I found ‘hmmmmmm’. The K-brokeback label is sooooooooo ridiculous, yet predictable too -_-;; I’ve read about the original play, Konggil’s affairs with Jangsaeng & the king were decidedly non-platonic, and he was much more into politics/power unlike the movie version *0*

    Whatwhat, so the ending for that manga is open for interpretation? Or…? Oh but you can’t really tell since it’s all in Korean right ^^;;? Don’t tell me the narrator boy ended up with his ex-gf’s big sister though!

    Oh only rent those that neither Netflex nor blessed internet provides then? Yeah this is a weird habit, but I can somehow understand…?

  18. Freda says:

    The comic’s ending (interpret from without understanding a word): the sister ended up with whatever guy she was dating (=the bully kid’s older brother), happily ever after. While the bully kid left country (?) and you hardly see the narrator toward the end, as he seems broken-spirit. The two seem just…parted.

  19. RP says:

    Argh. Okay. Thanks for the info, now my desire to get the comics and somehow make myself understand it is less strong ^^;;